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Games have long since been popular; they have pretty much always existed in one form or another. The pastime was revolutionized with the creation of video games in the late fifties, with the release of the first widely accessible video game being in the early seventies. Since then, the hobby has gone from strength to strength. Today, gaming is a multi-billion-pound industry. Developers continue to innovate, but the truth is that the market is saturated, although there are a few genres that stand out from the rest, so let’s get into it.

What Makes Gaming So Popular?

Gaming is popular for a number of reasons; first and foremost, it is incredibly accessible. There are gaming options out there for you regardless of your income, gender, age, preferences, skill level and whether or not you have a disability. Video games are designed to appeal widely and to help people overcome barriers that would have otherwise stood in their way. The accessibility is also directly related to the amount of choice. There are so many different forms of video games out there for people to choose from. Finally, there are a number of games out there that allow you to connect remotely with other players, which can be invaluable for those who feel isolated or lonely for whatever reason.

The Most Popular Genres 

As mentioned above, there is so much choice when it comes to choosing a video game to play, but there are some genres that simply tend to be more popular than others. Firstly, and arguably one of the most popular, is the first-person shooter. This genre first entered the mainstream sometime in the nineties, and it continues to grow in popularity today. In addition, in recent years, the experience has become more immersive, which makes the experience even more enjoyable for the fans who really feel like they are in the thick of it. 

Another incredibly popular genre is the action and adventure genre. Its popularity perhaps hinges on the fact that it is all about giving the player an adrenaline boost by letting them live vicariously through their in-game character. Action and adventure games rely heavily on the players getting invested in the narrative that the developers have created. The narrative is what spurs the game on. Often NPCs or non-playable characters will drip-feed you information and tell you what tasks you need to do in order to progress through the game. 

The battle royale genre is relatively new, but it quickly rose through the ranks in terms of popularity. In recent years pretty much every game developer has released a game that puts their own spin on the battle royale format. This genre hinges on the competitive nature of the players – as arguably all games do – but it is a multiplayer game which pits players from around the world against each other. It comes down to skill, and this makes winning incredibly rewarding. 

Gambling could be categorized as a form of gaming, and it has been popular for just as long. The internet also helped to revolutionize the way in which people gamble. Online casinos allow people to play their favourite casino games from the comfort of their own homes. They can be more exciting than other video games because the stakes are higher with real money on the line. They have also been subject to innovation in recent years with all the old favourites available as well as new exclusive games; for example, you might just find a new version of your favourite slot at a casino in a new online format at a site like

Another game that has found a new home online is role-playing games. LARPing has long since had a cult following, appealing to a niche group of people. However, the internet has allowed role-playing games to find a new home and a wider audience. This genre is largely seen as one of the most creative outlets for both players and developers alike. The player takes on the role of a character in a well-thought-out and in-depth world where they often have to complete missions and navigate the world that the developers have created. 

Horror as a video game genre tends to be pretty consistently popular, as are the other forms of horror content and entertainment. People like to be scared; it gives them an adrenaline rush and the boost of not knowing what is going to come next. There are a number of ways that these horror games can play out. They can even draw elements from the other genres listed above. VR horror games are one of the newer developments, and they are incredibly effective in making players really feel like they are in the midst of the action. 

One of the genres that are on the lower end of the popularity metric is the strategy and tactic genre. Their lesser popularity is perhaps due to the fact that this genre is a little more cerebral than some of the others. It takes brainpower. Players need to carefully think out their next move in order to win. Strategy and tactic games can follow various plots, but for the most part, they tend to be focused on the planning and executing of combat. There are a lot of moving parts to these games, which is what makes them more difficult. Lastly, there is the sports game genre. This genre obviously encompasses all iterations of sports games, whether that means football games like Fifa, basketball, hockey, baseball or any other sports. These games have a built-in audience with the fans of the sport themselves, and because of this, new versions, and updated versions are continually released without really changing too much about the game itself; the audience will still purchase the product. The games often borrow the likeness of different popular players too.

To Sum Up

Gaming is a popular hobby, and it only seems to get more popular as time goes on. Video games were originally seen as geeky or nerdy, but now they have a vast appeal and elements of gaming continue to work their way into popular culture, whether that is films based on popular games, namechecks in songs or casual references in the other content consumed. So the future of gaming is secure.

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