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With a formula that allows for a brand-new release every year, sports games are quite the prolific genre. And the biggest franchises have been around for decades. Kicking off as early as 1988, Madden NFL holds the crown for the longest-running sports game series of all time. Many hit franchises endured all the same, from FIFA to NBA Live. Continuously reinventing themselves to cater to new audiences, these fan favourites have also been pushing technological boundaries, bringing about ever-so hyper-realistic features and graphics. 

But gamers do not necessarily need to get a hold of a much-coveted next-gen console to enjoy a good old sports game, as smartphones are now powerful enough to deliver an optimal and affordable gaming experience. So, would you like to score a birdie in outer space? Or would you rather go for a simple yet addictive bowl and ramp game? Here are four sports games worth your while on mobile.

Golf on Mars

Imagine playing golf on Mars, and you’ll get the picture of that quirky sports mobile game. A sequel to Desert Golfing, this title developed by Captain Games takes you eight centuries into the future to a halfway-terraformed Mars. The planet is, therefore, yours to explore, with your golfing gear at the ready. Granted, the aptly named Golf on Mars might not rank among the best space games out there.

But do not be fooled by this entry’s simplistic-looking gameplay and aesthetics, as this mobile game is cooking up quite the challenge. Intergalactic obstacles pave your way through and through, while some terrain is close to impassable. Available on Android and iOS, Golf on Mars thus combines the chill vibes of a casual game with the somewhat addictive nature of a sports sim. 

Retro Bowl

Madden NFL might be a strong pick for those looking to explore the ins and outs of American football. And the good news is, EA’s cult franchise has long been ported onto mobile devices. Yet newcomers to the series may feel overwhelmed by its notoriously difficult learning curve. With much simpler gameplay, thus, Retro Bowl offers an expedient alternative. For starters, players only need to focus on controlling the offensive side. 

This 8-bit game also features approachable roster management, involving as many managerial duties as drafting players and handling their fragile egos to lead them to victory on the field. Ultimately, it is up to you to call the right shots for your team to lift that glorious trophy. And with gorgeous vintage looks to boot, Retro Bowl ticks all the boxes for retro gamers, too. Better yet, this management sim is free to play on Android and iOS. 

Football Manager 2023 Mobile

Next up is perhaps the most well-known sports management sim out there. Football Manager is all about micro-managing a football team to the top of the table. Acting as bona fide managers, players get to recruit top talent and wonderkids, devise tactics, and even develop new facilities for their club to grow ever bigger. Beloved by both football superstars and gamers, FM has even revolutionised modern football with an unparalleled database used by actual professional scouts. 

As a result, avid players have long made the most of the franchise to hone off their gambling skills. Punters can thus channel their FM knowledge and skills on top betting sites. The best online sportsbooks offer tons of betting options on popular football leagues like the Premier League alongside lesser-known leagues worldwide. Upon signing up, bettors can claim various bonuses and incentives like welcome packages. And many more sports are just a click away to wager on the go before reverting to Football Manager and its comprehensive mobile version.

The Ramp

Skateboarding games were all the rage in the 2000s until they gradually faded into oblivion. Yet the skateboarding genre isn’t dead just yet. And while EA has been teasing an upcoming Skate 4, fans craving for flow can already jam out with The Ramp on mobile. 

Single-handedly developed by one dedicated skateboarding enthusiast, this straightforward sports game is no Tony Hawk revival. Expect no fluff, thus, only a couple maps, tricks, and achievements. For all its simplicity, The Ramp remains an endearing game you’ll come back to time and again for a quick skateboarding fix. And no in-app purchases nor ads make it even more enjoyable. The game is exclusive to Android, however.

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