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Apex Legends esports has grown to become one of the battle royale games with very high participation rates in the third quarter of 2021. Apex generated 262 million watch hours, surpassing a top game like Fortnite by about 50 million. This top position on the chart is thanks to the viewers and, of course, the players. 

Apex Legends was released in 2019, so although it is still relatively new compared to Fortnite, its average viewership is higher. Players are becoming more interested because of how exciting the apex legends tournaments are, and the pro scene is gaining more members by the day. Due to its newness, the Apex Legends pro scene is not as developed as other esports. 

Apex Legends ranks behind Fortnite on the esports leaderboards, and while this is valid, one cannot dispute the fact that Apex Legends tournaments are always something to behold. The thrilling gameplay and professional players team up to offer several events worth watching. 

The Best Apex Legends Teams 

With the Apex Legends Global Series Year 3 already in full swing, it is important to know what teams and players to look out for. They all have something to offer for sure; it’s why they’ve made it this far, but there are some exemplary ones that have proven themselves in previous seasons. These are the ones this article attempts to introduce you to. 


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TSM, short for Team SoloMid, is a North-American professional esports organization based in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in September 2009 by Andy Reginald Dinh and Dan Dinh. Since its inception, TSM teams have participated in 97 Apex Legends tournaments

The organization has active teams in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Ultimate, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Rocket League, Teamfight Tactics, League of Legends, Player Unknown’s Battleground, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Magic; The Gathering. 

The team has won over $1 million of Apex Legends prize money, making up 12.07% of the total prize money in esports. TSM has also emerged winner of seven of sixteen North American League of Legends Championship Series splits. 

NRG Esports 

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NRG esports is also based in Los Angeles, California. It is an American esports organization headed by Andy Miller (CEO) and Sapnap (co-owner) with rosters in Rocket League, Overwatch, Valorant, Clash Royale, Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Mark Mastrova and Andy Miller in 2015 founded the esports team. 

NRG was one of the first organizations to sign an Apex Legends esports player in 2019. The organization signed more players onto the Apex Legends team in 2020. NRG Esports is home to over $600 million in Apex Legends money, which is just 9.81% of its total prize money earned from tournaments. 

DarkZero Esports

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DarkZero Esports is an American organization owned by Zachary Matula. It is a full-scale esports organization that offers quality training to its players. DarkZero strives to teach its players creative ways to succeed in esports and increase their fanbase. 

DarkZero players are assigned personal trainers to ensure their bodies and minds are being developed. Personalized health and nutrition plans are also provided. It is truly a holistic approach toward player success. The DarkZero Esports Apex Legends team has won $532.000 in prize money from 17 Apex tournaments. 


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Reignite is a Japanese esports organization created in 2020. The team has won $370,126 in prize money from 57 tournaments. Its Apex Legends pool makes up 92.44% of all the prize money earned by Reignite players. Reignite’s total prize money earned is $400,384 from 34 tournaments. 

FURIA Esports 

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FURIA Esports, or FURIA, is a Brazilian esports organization established in 2017 by Jaime Padua, Andre Akkari, and Cris Guedes. It is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with teams in Counter-Strike, Global Offensive, League of Legends, Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, and of course, Apex Legends. 

FURIA has won a total of $3,444,137 from 236 esports tournaments, of which $342,550 is made up of wins from 18 Apex Legends tournaments. 

Apex Legends Betting Options 

Apex Legends’ innovative gameplay helped it win the hearts of many in 2022. The game combines classic battle royale features, novel characters, and gunplay to give action-packed levels. Therefore, it is no surprise that many esports players and bettors are interested. 

However, Apex Legends is still considerably new in the esports scene, and its pro scene is just being developed. The game did not even have anything resembling esports tournaments at the time of its release. The Apex Legends Global Series began a year after the title’s launch. It took quite some time to iron out the finer details.

Due to this, apex legends betting is still in its early stages. There is a need for more good betting sites, but there is hope. You just have to find a site on that securely lets you bet on Apex Legends matches, tournaments, and other events. The best betting websites provide competitive odds for your bets and many betting options to choose from. 

Apex Legends’ pace is one of its most unique features. Every aspect of the gameplay is fast, and players must pay great attention and be just as swift as the game. The play area is shrinking, the clock is ticking, and all bets are at stake.


Apex Legends offers the perfect mix of hero shooter and battle royale gameplay. More esports organizations are taking an interest in the game, and very soon, the top teams will have to come on strong in the competitions to keep their ranks. Although the pro scene is young, the future looks bright from our perspective

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