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Sports games are enormous at the moment, and with the growing popularity of online gaming, it’s easier than ever for gamers to get involved. There are so many options that you can choose from, but here are three sports games that are fun to play in 2023.

Big Bass Bonanza

If you’ve always wanted to be a fisherman but don’t fancy facing the open sea, Big Bass Bonanza might be for you. If you like the sound of becoming a master fisherman, you can play Big Bass Bonanza at Lottoland. This game is pretty simple; it’s a five-by-three slot game with ten pay lines, and you’re the one tasked with collecting as many fish symbols as you can handle. 

When you earn a free spin, you can increase the multiplier by up to ten times, or activate the dynamite feature, turning all random symbols into collectible fish symbols. You can adjust the options using the plus and minus buttons, helping to shape the gameplay to your style. This means you can change your deposit value and the amount you want to bet with.

WWE 2K23

If you’re a wrestling fan, you must play WWE 2K23, the latest addition to the WWE 2K series. For the first time, you can now take part in WarGames, fighting in the steel cage, which can be played with four players offline or eight players online, making the fun even more like the real thing packed full of special moves and interactive objects.

Likewise, you can enjoy the Royal Rumble feature online with up to eight players, meaning you and your friends can get up to all kinds of trouble against yourselves or random players online. Are you a fan of the Royal Rumble? While it does lack pure wrestling gameplay, it certainly makes up for it with levels upon levels of absolute chaos. Released on March 17th, it’s looking like it could be one of the best WWE 2K games yet.

MLB The Show 23

This game is for all your baseball fans, especially if you’ve been waiting patiently for this title to be released. It finally dropped on March 28th. What makes this edition so great is the fact that it’s free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, meaning that many of you will be able to play the game entirely for free, only needing to have a subscription. This is the third year running that this has been offered, proving popular with players who might not have otherwise given it a chance. The Show 23 looks set to be a great addition to the MLB universe, largely thanks to the focus on the trailblazing Negro League. If you’re not sure what this is, this new game mode will tell the story of eight famous players who played in the Negro Leagues, including Jackie Robinson, Rube Foster, and Buck O’Neil. This game mode will immersive players with fun gameplay, as well as include narration by Negro League Baseball Museum president Bob Kendrick.

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