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There is a demand in the modern generation for games to have better graphics and more realistic gameplay. However, for some, we are still stuck in the ages of arcade games, where titles were enjoyable for everyone. The arcade industry is still one of the most popular even in this modern day, with many gamers dreaming of having an illustrious machine of their very own. 
It has a huge market in the nightlife sector too, with cities such as Birmingham having a wide selection of arcade bars for fans to enjoy. But, what are some of the most popular arcade games of all-time?


There are few more popular arcade games in history than Pac-Man. The leading character was one of the first that was introduced in an arcade game in the 1980s, and since then, its popularity has reached new heights. Throughout its history, it has sold over 400,000 cabinets, and has branched out into other sectors, with Pac-Man merchandise being popular around the glove. 

It is estimated that the title has made revenue in the region of $3,500,000,000 since 1990. The first machine was always the most fondly remembered by fans, but the yellow character has since gone on to star in 30 future games, across a range of platforms. The longevity that Pac-Man has enjoyed is unlikely to ever be matched again. 

Space Invaders

The second highest grossing arcade game of all-time comes in the form of Space Invaders, developed by Taito. It was a pioneering title that kicked off the Golden Age of Arcades, and played a vitally important role throughout the late 70s and early 80s that ensured the long-term success of arcade titles. The machine was launched in June 1978 in Japan, and by the end of its first year in operation, a reported 100,000 machines had been set up across the country. Famously, the success of the arcade game across the country meant that there was a temporary shortage of 100-yen coins in Japan. 

Soon after Space Invaders had dominated Japan, it was exported around the world. In fact, its popularity in the United States ensured that the revenue made from the game exceeded the money taken at the box office to see Star Wars during the same period. An estimated 360,000 cabinets were sold, and it remains a sought after machine for players in this modern day. 

Street Fighter

One of the other most popular arcade games of all-time was the 1995 release of Street Fighter II/ Champion Edition. The machine sold over 200,000 copies around the globe, and a reported $2,312,000,000 has been made on the title since its release. The game was a sequel to the extremely popular 1987 Capcom release, but with extra development. 

It is perhaps one of the most important releases not only in arcade history, but gaming history on the whole, as the fighting design remains the benchmark for any title released. Due to it being extremely competitive, it was reported that over 60,000 units were sold in its first year. It has been reported by many outlets that the game amassed a massive $1.5 billion in revenue by 1993, and the machines are still in high demand among gamers from across the world.

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