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Since its introduction in 1993, Magic: The Gathering has gained a massive cult following, mostly due to how expansive its card-collecting strata is. 

If I am being honest, it is almost impossible to choose a card amongst the roster that you’ll need to have at any cost. So, instead of that, I will tell you about five cards that you need to get as soon as you can. And there are some surprising names available here, trust me.

1: Leyline Binding

Introduced in the Dominaria United expansion, Leyline Binding is a card that changed the meta of the game entirely. Yes, it does cost six mana, which is quite a lot.

But the ‘domain effect’ of the card can decrease the cost of it for the number of Basic Land type cards you own. So, for instance, if you have five of them, Leyline Binding will cost one mana. And with it, you can literally exile one of your opponent’s non-land cards.

So, it’s darn powerful.

2: Sol Ring

Sol Ring, in essence, is a colourless artefact card with a simple yet boisterous tagline. Once you cast it, you will be able to tap two colourless mana. 

So, if you had only one mana in the first round, you can have two more after the second. It can offer you a massive advantage, especially if you have a mana-hungry deck.  However, can you guess how many mana it costs, though?


Like this one, Black Lotus is another card that allows you to add three mana of any hue on your mana pool. However, you will need to sacrifice the card to do it.

3: Jace, the Mind Sculptor

Jace has been in the game for quite some time now. However, due to how good the card is, it’s still used in almost every international tournament organised by the game.


Well, to begin with, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, is extremely versatile. It can be used to draw a card, bounce your creatures, and manipulate the top cards in your deck. 

It costs two blue mana alongside two generic mana, but the card is worth everything.

4: Tarmogoyf

Tarmogoyf is not your typical Magic: The Gathering card. It costs you one generic mana as well as one green mana. So, in that way, it’s quite cheap and can be deployed quickly.

However, that’s the point – you should never put Tarmogoyf in the battle zone early.

You see, this is a card that grows in power in relation to the number of card types that have been sent in the graveyard. It’s a late game card that can literally win you a losing contest.

But yes, if you are using an Aggro deck, Tarmogoyf will be of no use to you.

5: Lightning Bolt

Talking about aggro decks, if you want to defeat your opponent as soon as possible, using a lightning bolt will be important for you. It is a classic spell card that can deal three damage to any creature on the battlefield, potentially killing them.

Here’s a suggestion: if you have a lightning bolt in your hands, keep it as long as you can’t kill a creature with it. There’s no point in damaging something that can attack you again.


If I am being honest, these cards are definitely going to give you an edge on the battlefield. But remember – your deck should only feature those cards that are going to help you with the strategy you are using. Or else, it’ll be impossible to win just by using powerful cards randomly. In any case, that will be all for this article. 

I hope I could answer whatever question you had regarding our topic. However, if there’s still something that you are confused about, don’t forget to comment below. 

We will try to help you out in any way we can. Oh, and if you’re looking for any magic the gathering merchandise or cards, make sure to buy them from a reliable place. 

Or else, you might get scammed.

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