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Virtual Reality has been at a standstill for an extended period of time without any apparent change on the horizon. But now it seems times are changing with its growing popularity among Norwegian gamers and users worldwide.  

Almost eight years ago, VR faced a dead wall when it launched, leaving many gamers disappointed after failing to meet expectations. And it never truly caught on. Now, games based on innovative VR technology have started selling for millions. For many, this means the technology is finally ready for a breakthrough. For the latest VR news and equipment, visit the website: and stay updated. Many big companies are now ready to bet heavily on advanced technology, with VR gaming rapidly growing in popularity among Norwegian gamers but also across the entire globe. For Norway, this means that many startups and Virtual Reality companies are on the rise with ideas on how to innovate the VR industry successfully, like Fostech, Breach, Reality Lab, Spotic, Vixel, PaleBlue, and many others. Here are some of the main areas of focus in the future development of VR. 

VR to Become More User-friendly 

When most of us think of VR, we imagine very advanced technology that is almost impossible to use and very expensive. But this is not entirely the case, and in the future, more gaming companies will focus on user adoption and how to make VR more accessible for a larger group of gamers and other users. Pricing and availability are crucial, and as more users start investing in this immersive technology, these two elements will surely follow suit. 

Improving VR Hardware 

If you have been following the VR hardware market, you’d quickly notice an ongoing trend. Namely, more and more VR products like headsets are getting more powerful, more comfortable, and cheaper than ever before. Now you can easily get headsets and wrist trackers, as well as other gadgets that don’t restrict hand movement and provide very precise tracking.  

Expanding the World of Social VR Platforms 

Of course, VR has largely been an individual gaming experience. But this isn’t necessarily going to be the case in the future of the industry. One of the biggest trends in the current market is the rise and development of social VR platforms where gamers can interact in the virtual environment in a whole new way

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