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What games should you play in the shooter genre with a friend on the weekend

Online games continue to hold the bar of popularity and many players continue to look for interesting projects so that they can play the game, or play together with a friend and achieve common goals, and not be opponents.

Shooters continue to hold one of the leading positions, because shooting is about action and the ability to change the outcome of the match in any situation and conditions.

If in MMO RPG and MOBA games the personal contribution of each player is important and in order to catch up with the leaders you need to make a lot of effort, or buy game gold from the Skycoach service, then in a shooter you can still close the distance and win due to your personal skill, friend’s skills, or general joint action.

Destiny 2

One of the most famous MMOs in the Shooter genre, which involves playing in small groups and teaming up only for the sake of really difficult raids, pumping and exploring space with a gradual exit to strikes and seasonal PVP zones.

The ideal group composition in Destiny 2 is three players to complete the option of a tank, AoE shooter and sniper, but two can be perfectly pumped and progress in the space network.

For example, you can use a tank and an AoE warlock and clear a lot of zones and quests, including most strikes and even some raids, if you play carefully and thoughtfully.

Having passed the main stages of the content, you will be invited to dive into the Lightfall update and go to Neptune to continue the story of the fight against alien invaders and space exploration.

The second option for further development will be participation in the PVP event, which has a seasonality – Trial of Osiris.

This is a three-player mode, but you may well find a companion for such trips.

These are quick matches with other teams where it is not the victory itself that matters, but a streak without defeat, which is rewarded with seasonal weapons and equipment of the legendary level.


A well-known team shooter about the fight between a terrorist and special forces operatives for control of the map, preventing the installation of a bomb and rescuing hostages.

Players, influenced by esports tournaments, loved the matchmaking mode, which allows you to repeat the same atmosphere that professional players experience, but the random selection of opponents and allies made the network not only interesting, but also nerve-wracking at the same time.

It is difficult to accumulate a rating by playing alone with random teammates, and even together with a friend, you will often not be able to pull the match in your direction.

But everything changed with the release of the Partners mode. This is a similar matchmaking mode for 4 players in two teams, in ranked matches, which take place on stripped-down versions of the famous maps.

This means that there will be only 1 site, but there are still three exits to it.

The prospect of getting a similar rating as in matchmaking and playing exclusively together was loved by many players on Valve servers.

There are only 15 rounds, the winner is determined after 8 wins or a complete win back of the series in a draw, you can get a similar title of the global elite for a series of victories over opponents.

Even if you don’t rely on this mode, all the same, Teammates are a great opportunity to practice getting out and clearing bombsites, as well as their defense in regular ranked matches.


This is the first major project that brought to the gaming industry and the eSports world a new look at the survival system and a new genre – the royal battle.

You will be dismounted over a large area at any point you choose, and your task is to survive against 100 enemies.

In this mode, you can play together, and then all participants will play deuces.

You have to find weapons and ammunition, scope and helmet, body armor and medicines. Survive artillery salvos and advance to the specified point where the map will narrow, simultaneously destroy all enemies and try not to die.

The last surviving unit on the map wins, but coins are also issued for participation and contribution to the match – for example, for kills, picked up airdrops, overall survival.

You will have access to regular matches, games with small cards and full-fledged rating modes.

Apex Legends

Another representative of shooters in the battle royale genre, which largely repeats the mechanics of PUBG, but offers players more dynamic matches due to the many skills and unique skills of the characters, as well as a system of agents with unique abilities that will directly or indirectly affect the outcome of the battle.

Considering that, as in PUBG matches, you will be playing with two players, you need to plan your agents so that they fit perfectly and complement each other during the match.

Consider a few useful and command characters:

  • Bastion is a defensive hero who can set up a blocking shield and cover himself and an ally standing behind. Uses an artillery system to attack enemies that are in cover or within range.
  • Lifelane is a master of drones, can use the device to lift an ally, while she herself will cover the rescue operation. Uses drones to generate first aid kits and adds the ability for the group to regenerate their health between battles without having to look for the appropriate medical supplies on the game map.
  • Octane is a robotic hero that generates ammo and regenerates his health until he takes damage. This provides opportunities and options for tanking part of the damage and getting around without first-aid kits and medicines with constant ammo generation for protracted battles, for example, at the map narrowing point and knocking out opponents.

These are just three of the many agents in Apex Legends that you can use for your choice.

In general, the battle royale genre is a great shooter option, where each player feels his role in every shootout and at the same time relies on the role as a team player for success, otherwise you can be defeated simply by not holding your sector.

Call of Duty Warzone

The developers of the most serial military shooter could not stay away from such popularity of the royal battle and made their own vision of such a project.

The project turned out to be more dynamic than the Apex Legends mentioned above and the more active PUBG.

Players have access to a variety of weapons, can replenish their inventory with first-aid kits and armor plates to fix their body armor, and in general, all matches are much more active and cheerful, with constant skirmishes and skirmishes in the spirit of Call of Duty itself.

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