Best gaming chairs in 2020
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Hey, gamers! You are probably playing with your favourite game at this time. I hope you’re sitting comfortably in your chair, otherwise, it’s time to get a comfy one to have a more enjoyable gaming experience.  

Choosing a gaming chair, however, is not as easy as counting 1 2 3.  There are so many best gaming chairs out there in the market. There are chairs that are good for your body posture especially during your long gaming entertainment. Some chairs look cool and fitting for your PC gaming setup. I suggest you first need to know the kind of chair that you really need before buying a chair that will best fit you.

If you’re the type of gamer who values aesthetics to suit up your gaming room, you can pick a wide variety on sale – from leather upholstery to soft cottony feels. Although you must also consider the comfort of sitting without your lumbar spine being compromised, there are also chairs that have good back support. As a gamer, my best option would be to consider comfort and style at the same time. Gaming is my passion so is yours too, so better get the best experience out of it by getting the best gaming chair of your choice. 

Another thing to consider in buying this commodity is the budget. I’ve picked out 5 amazing products for you to choose from to save you some time.


In my whole gaming experience, I am very particular with comfortable sitting due to my back injury which I had 2 years ago. With DxRacer’s high backrest, this ensures the proper sitting position I need. You can sit with your back straight and shoulders back. Other chairs only have a lower backrest which is not relaxing especially when you have the same condition as mine.

Also, it is advised to change sitting position every about 30 minutes that is why this DXRacer chair has a reclining adjustment up to angle 135⁰. Not only that, but armrests are also adjustable to the height that is fitting for your body measurement. Remember, comfort is the key to a pleasurable gaming experience – this definitely works for me! Easy to move, adjustable chair height, and waterfall seat are just among the features that you are looking for in a chair. It also comes in different colors and materials depending on your preference.

Akracing Core Series Ex

If you’re looking for a unique and fashionable design, consider the AKRacing core series ex gaming chair. It has amazing designs that can make your game room look awesome that you or your friends just wanna hang out there the whole day. It has breathable fabric upholstery that gives you cool feels even in hot weather.

It has the features that you are looking for in a gaming chair and even more. The chair has a full 180⁰ recline giving you comfort at its best. It has 3D armrests and it also has an adjustable head and lumbar pillows which are actually very good especially when you are in your intense gaming sessions.

You are also given a 5/10 years warranty for this product… a good value for money, don’t you think? Comfy, stylish, and easy to assemble… What else do you need?

Herman Miller Aeron

Are you a gamer and environmentalist at the same time? Well here’s a perfect chair for you. Herman Miller Aeron is more than 50% made out of recycled materials. Just imagine the contribution you can give to the environment if you buy this chair. On top of it, It promotes good sitting posture because of its one-of-a-kind features. Let me elaborate on this.

Herman Miller Aeron chair comes with a tilt function and limiter, armrests can be lowered, heightened, removed, or angled outwards by up to 30°. It can be adjusted according to the natural curvature of your back giving you the relaxing and proper support that you need.

The back of the chair may have a low amount of padding. In fact, it is made of a breathable mesh to give you a cool and refreshing feeling while sitting down. Although some would say it’s a bit pricey but hey, it’s your durable and cozy gaming chair we’re talking about here! I think it’s a very good investment!


Talking about value for money, I would like to introduce you to another distinctive gaming chair in the market, Respawn-900. If you wanna put aesthetics as your top priority, this could be the gaming chair for you. Its unconventional style makes you wanna sit on it instantly and bask in the cool ambiance of your seat.

I say it’s unconventional because unlike the majority of the gaming chairs that you see, this one has a non-wheeled base and is designed to be set in a fixed location. It has a recliner with a well-cushioned and flip-up footrest and a cup holder on the armrest. It’s like taking your gaming experience to a higher level. And you think now this chair might be expensive?

It may look expensive because of its awesome features but I am thrilled to tell you that it’s not.  It’s very affordable considering the quality that you’ll be getting when you purchase Respawn-900.


Does the name ring a bell to you? The company producing GTRacing chair is already known in the industry for making good quality gaming chair at a very affordable price. For racing enthusiasts, I think this chair fits you right. It has a racing theme design with a modern look. As my friend would put it “never goes out of style”.

GTRacing is made of premium grade and sturdy materials which can hold up to 330-pound weight. It also has an adjustable backrest to fit your measurement well giving you the comfort that you need while enjoying your game. It has many different colors to choose from. This gaming chair is also enriched with a thickly padded seat and back, well-padded headrest pillow, and lumbar cushion.

Another good catch here is, the manufacturer is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee or free replacement in any case of quality concern. Isn’t it great! That’s how they value the quality and integrity of their product. GTRacing chair, very good quality with a very reasonable price.

So there you have it, my top 5 gaming chairs on the list. Let me know what you think or comment down below if you have picked the right one for you. Remember to choose wisely. Enjoy your gaming!

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