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MSI has an outstanding feature. They can’t be found in other manufacturers.  Laptops are very individual. They differ in color, design, style, specifications, and a bunch of other parameters.

 This is often a solid gaming laptop that’s a big departure from the previous model we’ve tested in the past. It’s more powerful, more solid, and, of course, more expensive. MSI Raider GE76 12U may be a rocket with which you’ll safely run all the games that you simply have in your library. The best thing is to organize an area and find free time.

First Impression

MSI Raider GE76

The first thing this monster surprised us with was the color. A bluish metal lid, sharp lines combined with sleek angles, and therefore the familiar sophistication of the MSI brand. Our colleagues called the laptop amazing, which are some things that haven’t been said about all the laptops they’ve seen. 

But the second surprise was the weight. Almost 3 kilos without charges. And this is often definitely not what you’ll keep up your shoulders within the subway or other conveyance to launch Cyberpunk 2077 somewhere within the country, at your parent’s house, or during a cafe. MSI Raider GE76 may be a machine that must find the right place on the desktop reception, prepare the proper setup and dive into the virtual world. Connect your webcam, find out the lights and you’re able to stream, or record. Let’s play because this laptop has everything you want for top settings and fast FPS. It basically allows you to play anything you’re keen on. you’ll have it from the newest shooter or gambling on TonyBet WebSite, an online MMO, or even eSports titles.

The Dynaudio sound system creates a spacious and clear sound that permits you to play horror games as quietly as possible without headphones. Quality gaming ears are superior to any speakers, but during this case, we had no problem playing without them. Raider is the first laptop within the last few years that doesn’t spoil the sounds of shooting in shooters in the least, gives the proper depth, and allows you to assess the direction of the sound. During the game, Division 2, the shooting within the next block and therefore the cries of the warring NPCs were clearly audible and didn’t drown within the remainder of the sounds. These were understandable phrases, not just the sounds of voices.

 Of course, the new generation Raider GE76 is provided with the Cooler Boost 5 system, which has become the quality for MSI. We only had one strange unpleasant experience with overheating. But we managed to launch this rocket into space.


The MSI Raider GE76 12U may be a tech-packed laptop that will easily last a couple of more years and deliver the next-generation gaming experience. He has everything in order that after a couple of you are not attending the shop with the will to upgrade and switch to something new. For now, this laptop has all the needed parts to face 2023!

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