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What Headphones to Choose for Kids

Due to the unprecedented pandemic that we are facing today, many of the kids are having online classes instead of the traditional face-to-face learning. This has caused the rise in the demand for computer gadgets and accessories which includes headphones. There are many available headphones for kids online. The question is “how do you know what headphone to buy for your kid?” In this article, may I share some important things you need to consider when buying headphones for kids. 

The first thing that you must consider is the necessity of buying one. Is it needed for an online class or for entertainment like gaming? Do you really need to invest in it or not? Because if your answer to the two questions is a big YES, then you should go to the next step which is finding a headphone that has good quality and within your budget. When I say good quality, I mean three things:  amazing specs, comfort and durability.

Good Quality

Volume Limiting

The headphone that has control of the volume or an output limiter is the one doctors are recommending to avoid ear damage. According to them, the volume should be below 85 decibels (85dB) based on safe listening for eight continuous hours. Although, decibels may have to go higher when the headphone is used in an airplane or when you are on a road trip because of the noise from the surroundings. There are headphones that have built-in volume reduction but not all models limit the same way so choose wisely.  If you sit beside your child and you can hear what he or she’s hearing then you have to lower down the volume because it’s already damaging to your child’s ear. Some would go for a wireless pair that connects through Bluetooth as there is more control to volume than wired headphones. I know Puro Sound Labs headset has bluetooth wireless connection and has safe volume guidelines for kids. It plays at correct volume levels. Wired headphones, as we know, depend on the internal amplifier of the computer or any gadget used. The JBuddies Studio over-ear folding wired headset is less expensive than Puro Sound but it also follows all volume safety guidelines and has a lifetime guarantee. In this case, wireless or wired, close supervision is very necessary. Check the headphone before you let your child use it. Limit volume output of your child’s device in the settings menu. You may protect the setting with a password so your child cannot manipulate defaults.


The design you choose should be specific for your child’s ears. Since you are buying for a child, style is the first specs that they would look into. Fancy colors with cute characters may be the ones they would pick. However, don’t get easily deceived by the looks of it, you still have to check if it has hearing protection and other specs that are beneficial for your child. Just because it looks cute and stylish doesn’t always mean that it is already good and safe for your child to use. Choose a headphone that is fitting and comfortable to your child’s ear. I bought the LilGadgets Untangled Pro kids for my daughter and she liked it. It has about ten different colors and patterns to choose from so we didn’t have a hard time choosing the design she likes. Well, actually, just give her anything that has pink on it and she’ll be fine. Also, choose a headphone that’s comfortable to young listeners’ ears like look for a material that has breathable mesh on the ear pads and headbands. Consider also the size and the weight of the headphones making sure that the headphone you buy fits perfectly on him or her giving her a wonderful listening experience.


Now let’s talk about durability. Kids, more often than not, are playful and careless. They do not see the value of things unless you let them realize it. So just anticipate that the headphones will often be used and abused. For this matter, it is best if you buy a headphone that is long-lasting to get your money’s worth. You don’t want to buy something needed that could easily break, right? There are many to choose from though so there’s no need to worry. So far my daughter’s LilGadgets Untangled Pro is still working at present time (whew!). Check out reviews online to have an idea which ones are lasting and which ones are not. Hence, the life of an object still depends on how it has been taken cared of. 


Reasonable Price

Last to consider is the price it will cost you in buying a headphone for your child. This is a major factor you must think over before buying. It’s all up to you really. If you consider this as an investment then just go invest in it. It’s for your child anyway. Consider it as your gift to him or her for a job or task well done. If you worry about your child breaking it easily, then you just have to teach your child how to care for things. Impose discipline. Otherwise, you might just end up regretting that you bought such an expensive one. However, if your budget is really tight, then there are many headphones to choose from which are not that expensive, say less than fifty dollars, and still have good quality. To name a few, there’s Onanoff Buddy phones explore headset, Kidz Gear wired headphones and JBuddies Studio headphones. You just take some time to look at the specs that are child-friendly. That’s the most important thing to consider.


Puro Sound Labs BT220 Headphone vs LilGadgets Untangled Pro Premium Headphone

Just for the sake of comparison, Let me share some features of these two products as these were my first two picks when I had to buy a headphone for my daughter.

Puro Sound Labs BT220 LilGadgets Untangled Pro Premium
85dB-limited volume range 93dB-maximum volume range
a fully passive design that blocks
82% of the ambient noise (@ 1 kHz)
13dB passive noise reduction
Soft padding in ear cups Comfortable Soft Touch fabric
18 hours of battery life for music
playback and 200 hours standby
12-hour battery life with a
180-hour standby
Costs around $80 Costs around $50

Both products are really good and almost have the same features except for the price. That’s why I chose LilGadgets Untangled Pro because of its reasonable price. You make your choice. At least now you know what to look for when buying a headphone for your young listener.

If there are other important headphone features which you think are necessary to consider when buying a headphone, please type it in the comment box below. Thank you and have a great day!

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