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The game is basically what it sounds. Milly is a cheerful dog until he loses his toys, making him sad. You’ll play as Milly and go on an adventure in search of your lost things. You’ll have to complete three stages brimming with challenges, puzzles, and surprises.

The world where Milly lives is vibrant and wild. It’s a fun place to explore and learn at the same time. The game takes advantage of colorful animal characters traveling across real pictures. The blend of reality and pixel art makes up for a relaxing scenery. However, you must prepare for dangers as there are enemies like tigers, spiders, dangerous echinoids, alienized bees, and cacti that they must avoid touching.  

Here’s a brief overview of the three different missions in 3 different stages to unlock seven mini-games.

Stage 1

Milly’s first mission is to find his lost food trays:

After you’ve found them all, your next adventure begins at Milly’s house. From there, you’ll have to traverse beautiful meadows where you’ll find ancient trees and flowers. Watch out for the hedgehogs, bees, and spiders. They can and will hurt you!

Stage 2

Things get more challenging and your mission is now to find all these objects. Once you’re done, you’ll unlock 4 more mini games:

In this stage, all objects are hidden in “special” places. You must look for them around the whole map. If you want to complete the mission, you will have to dig deep and search corners along the way. As you progress, you’ll come across a road which you must pass through when the traffic light is green.

Stage 3

Welcome to the final mission! Finding all these stuff will unlock the last 3 mini games:

It’s time to explore a dense jungle riddled with monsters. You’ll need to ask help from new friends like the Lion, the Red Panda Couple, and the Gila Monster. However, remember that their aid won’t be for free. Make sure to give each one a gift before they can assist you.

Tip: Feed the lion some chickens so it will attack the tigers in front of the cave, and you can pick up the cone. Bamboo is for the red pandas, while the poison makes the Gila Monster immune to spider bites.

Congrats! Now that you’ve found all the toys, you can now play these 7 mini-games:

  • Catch the ball
  • Playing flying disk
  • Rodeo
  • Clean Milly
  • Agility contest
  • Race track
  • All the stars

This game is simple, yet it can be challenging for children. It features mazes, resource gathering, large maps, and short missions. Moreover, it has a casual atmosphere mixed with action, exploration, and a couple of fun minigames.

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