FFXIV - Ishgardian Restoration
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Final Fantasy XIV is a multiplayer Action / RPG set in the Final Fantasy universe. Compared to the previous parts of the series, in the 14th part of Final Fantasy, the setting of the Middle Ages will be replaced by a fantasy theme. Modern technologies will appear in the game world, and the old races will evolve. In this article, I will discuss “Final Fantasy XIV, Gameplay, Ishgardian Restoration, and how to unlock Ishgardian Restoration for crafters and gatherers.

Ishgardian Restoration

The Dragonsong War caused many devastations, including Eorzea, a district of Assize entirely in ruins. The Ishgardian assembly voted for its Restoration and decided to call to all artisans and harvesters wishing to participate in the reconstruction effort.

Classes from both disciplines must each do their part and cooperate to advance the work.

With the Ishgard Restoration of the Nouveau Refrain, the Eorzea site is officially finished. All adventurers are invited to the event organized to celebrate the occasion, the Grande Celebration azure. Here I’m telling you how to unlock Ishgardian Restoration for crafters and gatherers.

How to unlock Ishgardian Restoration for crafters and gatherers 

The FFXIV Ishgard restoration is a series of missions that players will need to Unlock in FFxiv. FFXIV Ishgard Restoration is the latest server for all FFXIV crafters and collectors.

To carry out different tasks, the player needs to join the server. This mission requests you to construct a part of the city-state of Ishgard. 

If you want to unlock the Ishgardian Restoration mission, you have to complete 60 levels in Final Fantasy XIV. After completing this, you will get access to Ishgard. You will have to finish the “Litany of Peace” mission. First, you have to see the recruiting notice on a wall.

FFXIV - Firmament zone

After that, you will need to visit the Firmament zone and talk to NPC Augebert. Once you do it, you will update on the Ishgardian Restoration. Now, you will join the Ishgardian Restoration in FFXIV.

If you are a craftsman, you will need to talk to Potkin. However, the gatherer has to collect Diadem items. You will need to talk to the NPC Flotpassant. 

So, that’s all you have to understand to participate in the Ishgardian Restoration mission in Final Fantasia XIV. I hope you now understand How to Unlock Ishgardian Restoration for crafters and gatherers.

FFXIV - Towards the firmament

Complete the “Towards the Firmament” quest in FFxiv Ishgard restoration 

  • All Classes (Jobs) Lv. 60
  • The Sitting (9.7, 11.5)
  • Recruitment Notice
  • Completed the mission for the epic “Litany of Peace.”

To begin the new rebuilding phase, Crafters and Gatherers level 60 or higher should contact the NPC “Augebert” in Azure (11.4, 14.1). Speaking to Augebert is essential regardless of the player’s level of progress in rebuilding Azure.

The resources gathered at the Diadem can be assessed by the NPC “Flotpassant” (10.8, 14.0). Having objects appraised allows you to obtain assignments from Azure. 

Once the rebuilding begins, the craftsmen and the gatherers must contact the NPC “Potkin” in Azure (12.2, 14.6). It will allow them to review the items to be delivered and add the required recipes and materials to their crafting log.

Delivering the items needed for reconstruction to the NPC “Potkin” in Azure (12.2, 14.6) grants “Azure assignats” and experience and helps progress the work. You can make deliveries even after the work is completed and get Azure assignments and experience points as a reward.

FFXIV - Ishgard restoration

Collection of materials required for FFxiv Ishgard restoration 

The NPC “Aurvael” located in Azure (10.8, 14.0), proposes to record the places containing the resources necessary for reconstruction in the harvest log. It also provides access to the Diadem, which has exclusive materials.

The Diadem

Crafters can now explore the Diadem to accumulate resources there. It will use by artisans to craft items needed to rebuild Azure.

Weather situation

Some items can only harvest during specific weather conditions. It is therefore important to pay attention to the weather to get your hands on scarce resources.

Ethereal Perforator

The Ethereal Piercer is a mission action that can only be used in “The Diadem” by miners and botanists. The compressed aether bar automatically increases as you harvest on the archipelago. Once enough Ether has accumulated, it becomes possible to release it to eliminate nearby monsters, which then drop a large number of materials.

Experience points

All the items are collected in The Diadem, regardless of their level. It grants several experience points proportional to the level of the embodied class.

FFXIV - Fun event

Fun Event

On the occasion of the Great Celebration of Azure, organized to celebrate the end of the reconstruction project, festivals are held regularly in the district. These are fun and competitive events in which those who stand out can receive rewards. Come and participate in the joy and good humor!

Terms of Access

Crafters and Gatherers


The waiting time is until the next series of events can be consulted on the information panel located at the entrance of Azure.

During the Great Azure Celebration. The periods during which the feasts are organized and those when they are not following one another. 

During a festive period, these are organized in series, every two hours for 24 hours (real-time). A day or two then elapses until the next feast period. The time at which the feasts are organized differs according to the Worlds.


Festivals participants who reach a certain rating level will receive a Festive Gift Box as a reward. The latter can be opened in towns and outdoor areas to obtain various items.

The gift boxes will sometimes contain “party coupons,” which, in sufficient numbers, can be given to NPC Enie (12.0, 14.0) in exchange for various items.


Kupo of Fortune

Kupo of Fortune is a new scratch card game available after delivering enough specific materials and allowing you to win exclusive prizes. To participate it is necessary to have a crafting class of level 20 or higher.

Stamp cards and Kupo of Fortune

Delivering an item on the Potkin NPC’s list (12.2, 14.6) grants a stamp on a map. After five buffers, the card automatically exchanges for a Kupo of Fortune. It allows you to try your luck at scratching once. It is possible to have up to 10 stamp cards simultaneously.

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