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MMO RPG is one of the most popular formats in the gaming industry, because it is an interesting adventure, designed for a large number of players who will play together and against each other, create guilds and go on raids – trade and create, and at the same time explore territories and complete quests.

From new projects – try Tarisland boost, from old and proven World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy and several other projects with their pros and cons.

World of Warcraft

It would be fair to start with the most famous game in the MMO RPG genre, which this year celebrated its 20th anniversary of active development and release of updates.

WoW began as a complex and demanding project with large-scale battles and conquests of complex raids, but gradually moved to a more simplified and spectacular project in which players can quickly gain levels and obtain resources, and even implemented a crafting system in which many items can be created to order for others players and earn gold.

This led to the outflow of many players who love challenging tasks and to bring them back, Blizzard opened the classic version of the project.

It features longer gameplay and difficulty, and also includes improved graphics and interfaces, but offers players the old Warcraft format that they were used to 20 years ago.

Now, Blizzard has introduced another classic plus format to players, which is released in a seasonal format and provides players with limited content that will be expanded.

The first season of Discovery allowed players to reach level 25 and complete a difficult 10-player raid.

The second season expanded the maximum level to 40, and the third, current one, which was released in April, increased the maximum level to 50.

Now players have half a year until 2025 to reach the maximum level, complete a 20-player raid and prepare for new challenges.

Pros of WoW Dragonflight

  • Fast gameplay
  • Constant PVP with representatives of the enemy faction
  • An order table that greatly expands the capabilities of artisans
  • Exploring and flying into new dragon lands

Cons of WoW Dragonflight

  • Paid subscription
  • Difficulty catching up with older players

Pros of WoW Classic

  • The good old and real World of Warcraft
  • Value from group leveling and help from faction allies
  • Opportunity to study all old updates that were relevant more than 10 years ago

Cons of WoW Classic

  • Challenging gameplay
  • Long pumping and farming of resources

Pros of World of Warcraft Classic+

  • New gameplay format
  • Limited leveling, allowing all players to reach the top, regardless of their online status
  • New raids for a large number of players

Cons of WoW Classic+

  • Limited content for players with large online presence

Final Fantasy 14

This is an MMO RPG that continues the story of Cloud and Tifa and invites players to team up to explore the storyline, level up, travel and fly, have fun at the amusement park and play musical instruments.

Story line

According to the game developers from Square Enix, it will take you at least 100 hours of real time to complete only the storyline, where your hero will play the main role.

Travel and flights

Quite quickly, the “First Flight” quest will open for you, which will allow you to fly freely in game locations and explore the world of Final Fantasy.

Amusement park

You can go to the territory of the Golden Saucer where you will find many events and boss battles, mini-games and entertainment like a fashion show. Inside there is its own currency, for which gils are exchanged, and vice versa, you can exchange your winnings for the game currency Final Fantasy.

Musical instruments

It’s an interesting mechanic that allows players to pick up instruments and create music with them.

You will be able to play with real notes and if you look them up on the Internet, you will be able to play real songs and entertain other players with them in large areas.

Pros of Final Fantasy 14

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Continuation of a long story that lasts more than 10 years
  • Developed quest line, designed for gameplay of 100 hours of real time
  • Varied gameplay, from quests and professions, to PVP and flights, entertainment in an amusement park
  • Ability to play without a premium subscription, but with restrictions

Cons Final Fantasy 14

  • Limited gameplay without purchasing a premium subscription


A new project from Tencent, which should replace World of Warcraft, which has left the Chinese market, and at the same time offer a new MMO RPG to other countries.

You can not only choose one of six main professions, but also choose one of two development options, which will be unusual for many players.

For example, a tank warrior, an attacking paladin, a combat healer with light magic, and so on.

The project is built on a cross-platform system so that your boosting in Tarisland continues on all available devices – PC, smartphone, or tablet.

A big emphasis will be placed on the gameplay of raids and hunts, with a gradual transition to PVP between players.

At the time of release, the developers promise level 30 and further development of the project.

You will be able to engage in professions to combine your leveling with the extraction of resources for future crafting and strengthening of the hero.

Pros of Tarisland

  • Cross-platform system for playing on different devices without interrupting gameplay
  • Diverse class development
  • Grind and profession system
  • Focus on hunting and PVP
  • Constant updates

Cons Tarisland

  • A new project without a clear balance of power
  • A total of 30 levels of hero development

Lineage 2

Despite the fact that the project from NC Soft is not going through the best period of its development – it is one of the oldest and most famous MMO RPGs with an emphasis on PVP and grind, as well as a system of sieges and clans for large-scale battles in warriors and storming castles for influence in territories.

All players will complete tasks and simply hunt monsters, and all battles will take place in PVP based on the first strike principle, or clan wars.

If you hit another player, your nickname will turn purple and all other players can kill you without penalties, and if you kill a player without such status, you will receive the status of a player killer and if you accumulate 5 or more such kills in your statistics, you will risk losing valuable items.

L2 has always been known for massive battles, when at the peak of online play, up to several thousand players can fight for a castle near the capital of the kingdom of Aden at the same time.

Many gamers look forward to sieges, because tactics and strategies, clan alliances and leveling up heroes play an important role in them, because to capture a castle, the clan leader must read the seal for two minutes without receiving damage or negative effects.

Pros of Lineage 2

  • A full-fledged PVP project with large-scale battles
  • Grinding gameplay

Cons Lineage 2

  • Not at the peak of popularity
  • Frequent imbalance of power on servers

Conclusions on the best MMO RPGs based on gameplay

Players who love MMO RPGs for character development, story and the ability to play with other players should consider the concept of the most popular and old projects that added popularity to the genre and offered new mechanics to all players.

If you want quick character development and flying on dragons, and large-scale battles against the enemy faction, choose WoW Dragonflight.

If you want long gameplay and the value of all resources and teaming up with other players, then choose WoW Classic.

If you are looking for a new experience and an unfamiliar format, then choose WoW Classic +, with limited gameplay and updates every six months.

If you are looking for beautiful graphics, flying over locations, an interesting plot with personal participation and trips to an amusement park, then choose Final Fantasy 14 and at the same time learn the continuation of the story of Cloud and Tifa from the classic version.

If you want to play a new project in which you can continue Tarisland boosting on your PC and smartphone, then choose a project from Tencent and explore the possibility of developing classic professions in a non-standard way – for example, a combat healer or a paladin.

If you want to be part of a large army that fights against similar opponents, then choose Lineage 2, which, although outdated and lost its popularity, is still one of the oldest and best MMO RPG about PVP and sieges in the clan system. Your gameplay will be based on hunting monsters, and every two weeks there will be large-scale sieges for control of castles and income from these lands.

In order for the castle to become, your clan leader must read the seal, which lasts 2 minutes and all other players must cover, or vice versa, to prevent him.

You need to destroy walls and crystals, kill the defenders and all their allies, and so on for two hours, until the time of sieges ends and the owners of the castles will be those clans that managed to capture and keep them under their control.

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