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Mario is undeniably part of most people who are old enough to know what a diskette or VHS player is. Even the younger generation of gamers are fascinated with the Super Mario franchise.

With so many games and versions in the market, it can be quite tricky to collect every existing Mario game. Fortunately, Nintendo has made it easy for gamers to enjoy a pretty impressive lineup of Mario titles on Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is known to offer the most (and the best) Mario games on a single device. If you’re looking for a device or gaming console that can quench your Mario mania, the Nintendo Switch is the answer to your gaming cravings. 

Does Nintendo Switch have old Mario games?

We all have that “oldie but goodie” game we always come back to, and old Mario games are most likely to be included in that list.

When you subscribe to Nintendo Switch’s online service, you can access an impressive selection of old games in the virtual library.

Classic Mario games can be found in the Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as Nintendo Switch Online and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. You can download this from the eShop.

Is Mario free on Nintendo Switch?

Technically, it is… IF you’re a Switch Online subscriber.

Players can spend hours playing the Super Mario All-Stars for free by downloading the Super Nintendo Entertainment System app.

Be on the lookout for more offers because the Nintendo Entertainment System is a growing library ready to burst with awesome titles.

If you’re looking for the classic Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3, you can play these games via SNES games. Just make sure that you’re a Switch Online member to enjoy these perks and more.

Ready to bring back the good ol’ memories and play Super Mario all over again? Check out our list of the best Nintendo Switch Mario games below:


Super Mario Bros 3 is the actual sequel to the original Super Mario Bros. This is hands-down one of the best Mario titles – where Mario’s character goes full circle.

Mario’s core attributes in this game show the perfect mixture of execution and innovation. The character can turn into a stature, fly and uncover a lot of juicy secrets along the way.


The fact that this game made Mario a legend is more than enough to include it in our list of the best Nintendo Switch Mario games.

PLUS, this game also helped the entire gaming industry to bounce back after the 1983 video game crash. Talk about a digital hero, huh?

In terms of gaming finesse, Super Mario Bros is quite a complicated game. It has its own arcane rules and the later (and harder) levels require a lot of practice. Of course, the primary levels scream “master class tutorials”, giving gamers the needed skills to get through the harder levels.


This is like a pretty cool spinoff of the Mario series where familiar characters are put into go-karts to race around different Nintendo-themed locations.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a refreshing version of the Wii U version with more tracks, weapons, modes and characters.

If you haven’t played Mario Kart for a while, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is highly recommended. This simple racing game is like a breath of fresh air from other routinary games. If you’re looking for a mix of an exciting and no-brainer game, you’ll definitely enjoy Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


Who doesn’t love an “all star” game? Whether it’s the NBA or Super Mario, you know you’re gonna get jam-packed characters in one game.

Super Mario All-Stars is a collection of four classic (but updated) Mario games from the NES era. It consists of Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2 and Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels.

The graphics were given an upgrade and some of the popular game secrets were kept in or tweaked.

The entire package of Super Mario All-Stars is a rare opportunity to see a director’s cut-style version of the franchise’s older games. If you’re a die-hard Mario fan, you should definitely not miss this game.

Luigi’s Mansion

Let’s swerve the spotlight away from Mario and focus on Luigi this time. 

It’s quite ironic (and a bit funny) to see Luigi having a titular game of his own but end up being a “scaredy-cat” character. Nevertheless, the game is a delightfully different tone from the other Mario games.

Exploring new rooms in horror-themed games is quite enough to send your heart some palpitations. Luigi has to clear the mansion of ghosts – floor after floor, room after room.

Bonus: Luigi looks painfully cute as a scaredy-cat mansion owner.


People who are not sporty AT ALL may just snob this title. However, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll enjoy Mario Tennis Aces even if you haven’t touched a tennis racket all your life.

The game has easy-to-learn or hard-to-master challenges along with a cast of 29 characters to offer impressive variety and depth, whether in local or online multiplayer mode.

What we like about this game is the fact that it has a story mode. Think of Mario Tennis Aces as the humorous and entertaining version of serious simulation sports games on Nintendo Switch.


Did you know that Mario looks cute with a “gun?” 

Yes, you read that right. The cute and good-natured character is equipped with a gun in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

Think of XCOM but with a silly and adorable version. Mario and Peach will be in full action in this fast-paced game. 

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a tactical role-playing game that features a crossover of Mario and Ubisoft’s Rabbid franchises. You can play this game alone or with friends. Don’t underestimate the game play of this selection – it has an amazing combat system that will keep players on their toes.

That ends our list for the best Nintendo Switch Mario games. Is your favorite Mario game on the list? Don’t be shy, share your thoughts, comment down below!

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