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So, did you finally reward yourself with a Nintendo Switch? No doubt about it! This popular and fastest-selling console is so likeable that sometimes you lose track of time when playing, especially at this time of quarantine. You probably have lots of time indulging in your favorite Nintendo Switch games. Well, just don’t forget to pause or have a break because more often than not, you are gonna need it. In this article, let me share with you some Nintendo switch tips and tricks you need to know to get started (for the newbies) and also to maximize the fun time playing especially for those of you who are already users of Nintendo Switch.

New Users

Creating An Account

Is your account ready? Get yours now! You must register your Nintendo Online Service ID right away. You will use this unique ID for online interactions such as eShop digital purchases, earning gold coins for buying online and availing of discounts on future purchases.

microSD CARD

The standard storage of Nintendo Switch is 32GB. This is actually not enough especially when you load it with more games. Some games even fill your console storage up. I would advise you to buy a microSD card to store more games. Don’t worry, microSD cards can be bought at a reasonable price.

Adding Friends Online

Well, of course, you need a little help from online friends to get by. To be able to add friends, you have to exchange serial code-like numbers. You may also add friends whom you’ve already connected with via Nintendo’s smartphone games or the Wii U console or you may plug in your Twitter and Facebook accounts and find friends you know from there. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Have Screenshots and Be Creative with Your Own Memes

Another amazing thing in this console is you can take screenshots and save or share it with your friends. Look for the handy button on the left Joy-Con and press it. So easy! You can also organize and edit these screenshots in the Album section on the main menu. You can create your own memes and post it on social media as well. Who knows it can be the next sensation.

Customize Your Own Mii

You can also create your own Mii, a customizable avatar, to make your gaming experience even fancier and entertaining. Just go to System Settings and create Mii to your own preference and liking. It is fun and it only takes a few minutes to create it.

Advanced Users​

Take A Video and Share It

Aside from the screenshots, Nintendo Switch also has the ability to capture and share videos of your game. You will use the button for screens, hold it for a moment and then Switch will save the previous 30 seconds of your game. To view and edit the captured video, you go to the Album menu. From there, you can already send it to friends through social media.

Soften or Lighten the Brightness

You need to make yourself comfortable when you’re playing and most of the time your eyes eventually get weary from looking at the bright screen of your console. To avoid this stress, you can adjust the brightness of your screen by holding the Home button on the Joy-Con. You also have the option there to put it in a rest mode or airplane mode. Nintendo Switch indeed is user-friendly!

Generate Multiple Profiles

So if you want your Nintendo Switch to be also enjoyed by your family especially the kids, you can create a different profile for each user. Just go to the Systems Settings, Users and click “Add New User”. You can also select a player icon for each user for easy identification. Moreover, you can link the user to a Nintendo ID if you find it necessary.

Uninstall Unused Games

I don’t really recommend this, but if you don’t really want to play the game anymore you have the option to just uninstall it. This action will actually make room for a new game that you want to try especially when you are running out of storage space. All you have to do is to go to Data Management in the settings and click Manage Software. You will see a list of your games and saved files. Just delete the games you don’t like. However, if you miss those games and you want to play them again so badly, don’t you fret because you can still reinstall them from the eShop or cartridge whenever you want to.

Prepare A Big Extra Battery

You don’t want your console to just turn off in the middle of your intense game, right? So take this advice – grab an extra battery! This is very necessary especially if you take long trips or you go to someplace where you can’t charge up. Batteries have different power supplies so buy the one that is helpful based on your power usage.

Enable Parental Controls

If you are a parent like me and you have kids who are also playing the Nintendo Switch, do not forget to enable “parental controls” in the settings menu. By doing so, you can limit the amount of time that they can play, manage the games that they can only access and you can also monitor the games that they have played. This, I must say, is a very important thing to do. Even though me and my family love to play this console, I still need to impose discipline otherwise, our health might be compromised.

These are the tips and tricks that I can share with you for now which, I think, are very useful for you. Although I believe, Nintendo Switch still has a lot of things to offer. It is a sophisticated console and many things can still be discovered in this little but very powerful gadget when it comes to entertainment and fun. So if you wish to add up to this list, please free to do so by using the comment box below. ‘Til next time!

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