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Must try LEGO Nintendo Switch Games

When you say LEGO, the first thing that comes into mind is the limitless possibilities of building something out of Danish bricks. With that said, LEGO has come a long way and had also adapted into console gaming to expand its audience without losing its concept.

Now, let me introduce you to these LEGO Nintendo Switch titles that you should check out for both LEGO enthusiasts & for new gamer’s alike.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2

What else can go wrong when you combined LEGO & MARVEL? This game is loaded with iconic characters that you love and be amazed at how each character uses their cool abilities.

No doubt that the LEGO formula will be in the game, which means that you will spend ample time to engage simple yet fun combat style & solving puzzles without losing the humor on the storyline. Challenge yourself in unlocking all the MARVEL characters in the game and get to experience them such as Spider-Man as you swing through the open-world Marvel Universe to smashing villains with The Hulk!

You will definitely enjoy this game as you customize your favorite Marvel heroes and have fun blasting your through out the entertaining storyline of this Marvel Universe.

LEGO DC Super-Villains

This game is all about mayhem and a rich backstory considering all out cast of DC villains. It is jam-packed with action and customization as you will either create your own villain with many varieties or choose one of the villains to go on through the game.

 You will have an entertaining time while using the twisted abilities of the villains and engage in puzzles to progress the game. But the real deal about this game is the all-star voice cast that will surely let you enjoy the plot and play on through Gotham and Metropolis.

LEGO City Undercover

If you are into GTA, then we recommend checking out LEGO City Undercover. In this game, you will play as an undercover cop rather than a criminal known as Chase McCain. Yes, you read that right, a big shout out to Die Hard fans.

Throughout the game, you will use a huge variety of skills like disguising into something else unlocking abilities in your favor and different tactics in hunting criminals.

LEGO City Undercover will surely leave you satisfied as the game is full of humor from original characters and have a great time solving cases & putting criminals behind bars!

LEGO Harry Potter: Collection

From making a potion to shopping in Diagon Alley to unlock extra features, Potter-heads and new to the Harry Potter world will surely enjoy this remaster for the Nintendo Switch.

Experience the wizarding world once again by learning spells that you can only unlock as you progress more into the game. Meet iconic characters as you go through the large content of the game from collecting playable characters up to saving your fellow wizards from danger.

You will have a great amount of game time with this title as you explore the vast wizarding world of Harry Potter and fight the Dark Lord once again with your fellow wizards! Just don’t forget to say mischief managed after playing the game.

LEGO Disney Pixar's The Incredible's

Starring our beloved superhero family, with Mr. Incredible’s super strength up to Dash’s super speed. This game offers versatility when it comes to puzzle-solving.

You will also encounter other Pixar characters in different missions, which will surely surprise you if you’re a big Pixar fan. One more great feature about this game is the extra storyline upon finishing the game, which brings an additional playtime for this awesome title.

Overall this game is a stretch and leaves us wanting more Pixar themed LEGO games. Nevertheless, it is still a great title that offers what you are looking for in a LEGO game.

The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame

For the LEGO lovers out there, this should be a must-play for you. Enjoy the world of LEGO as you build and construct a wide variety of structures to progress the game.

All the aspect of a great LEGO game is right here folks, traverse in the world of LEGO with familiar characters from its predecessor with new characters that bring more color to the game.

Explore the vast sandbox levels as Emmet or play other collectible characters and collect resources that will remind you what LEGO games are all about. This title will surely get you going with the great storyline and epic boss battles. The storyline doesn’t really connect with the movie, but finishing the game will give you a surprise!

Lego Jurassic World

With this re-release classic, you can roam the world of Jurassic Park. Collect characters as you progress the game with over 20 species of dinosaurs that will bring back childhood cinematic memories and of course to engage throughout the whole Jurassic saga. A few noticeable blurs can be seen but overall doesn’t affect the gameplay.

A decent port and perfect for Jurassic Park fans as the game relives most of the iconic characters from the movie title and invest game time as you focus on solving puzzles and do in-game tasks such as digging to reveal missing pieces and also raise plants to reach certain locations in the game.

It is clearly a refreshing game title reliving the Jurassic saga we enjoyed watching when we were younger and it will still be a game for the new generation as it offers a great story with engaging puzzles that will make you invest hours and hours of game time.

With all these great LEGO Nintendo Switch titles offering different universes, different characters to love, and without losing the aspect of what a LEGO game is all about. Each of these games offers ample game time, great storylines, humor to keep you entertained, and engaging puzzles that I myself am confidently recommending for you to try and play. So, which LEGO game will you choose to play next on your Nintendo Switch?

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