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The Most Entertaining Nintendo Switch Simulation Games

Nintendo Switch Simulation Games

Playing Nintendo Switch simulation games is the in-thing nowadays. People of all ages are more tech-savvy and would prefer playing using their gadgets than unboxing board games. There’s no need to set-up a wide space just so you can play the game. Just pick a place, whether indoor or outdoor and enjoy the simulation games Nintendo Switch is offering. Its portability makes it attractive to gamers like me. There are a lot of amazing games to choose from actually. However, in this article, let me share nine fun games that you can play in your most convenient time.

Cities: Skyline (2015)

Have you ever dreamt of being a structural engineer or an urban planner in your life? If you are still in the process of achieving that dream well, good for you! City: Skyline is a very good simulation game developed by Colossal Order about build build build. Imagine setting up a city to your own liking! From scratch, you get to decide where to build the roads, tall buildings and all other things that you can find in an urban setup. You need to carefully plan the zoning areas for homes and offices and other facilities and public areas. Of course, you have to deal with rules and regulations and with the citizens that everything you create works well with them. This game is really challenging and I must tell, addictive if you are into this field.

Farming Simulator​ (2019)​

Many people are dreaming of having a farm, to plant and harvest their own produce and they’re stuck with a hypothetical question of “What-ifs”. The good thing about simulation games is you can actually have a taste of your dreams virtually. You may not be able to acquire farmland in real life but with this kind of game, you get to feel the same excitement of having one. Graphical quality is relatively realistic. The developer Giants Software is progressively improving the game on portable devices enhancing graphic engines, 3D cockpit views, Al helpers, rideable horses and many more. Farming Simulator is a fun game and you can’t wait to have your next yield from your own harvest.

Little Dragons Cafe (2018)

This game created by Yasuhiro Wada is a good addition to the list of Nintendo switch simulation games. Its storyline is about family and how to deal with life’s struggles in storybook-like graphics. It is also divided into chapters just like a book. This game promotes responsibility and accountability to gamers old and young. There’s a magical twist here: while handling real-world problems you’re also raising a baby dragon given by a mysterious old man. This adds amusement to the game as the adorable dragon is with you throughout the game. You have to cook, serve the guests and do all other tasks involved in a cafe. Proper management is the key to survive in this game. A very enjoyable and relaxing game at the same time, so don’t you miss this one.

Graveyard Keeper (2018)

Do not get intimidated by its title. Graveyard Keeper, developed by Lazy Bear Games has its own style and uniqueness compared to other simulation games of Nintendo switch. It is a graveyard management simulator and most of the time you will be making witch-burning advertisements and carving up cadavers. Although I must admit this is not my type of game where I have to deal with the corpse’s organs, bury the body and sell the meat to be eaten in the village. The game picks up as you go along making quests enjoyable. You’ll learn new technologies in autopsy, crafting, and all other stuff as the game progresses. If all these things find you interesting then play this and you’ll probably enjoy it.

Cattails (2017)

Sometimes in your busy life, you just want to relax and play a simple yet amusing game just to take something off of your worked out brain. Well, Cattails might be the game for you especially if you are a cat person. In this game, all you have to do is to survive the big unknown world that you are in. Remember, you are an adorable cat in this game and what does a cat do? Meow, lick, eat, sleep – and lick some more and meow some more – the uncomplicated life of a cat. But you as a cat have to survive this vast world where there are other animals – other cats who also need to survive just like you. Some are good and some are bad just like in the real world, not all are nice, so you have to be careful otherwise you will end up fighting them using your cute and non-threatening claws. That is actually the downside of the game but just think this is not supposed to be a violent game. This is a game that should just put you to a relaxing mode. Enjoy its cuteness and nice music.

Stranded Sails (2019)

Another survival game which I find interesting to play is the Stranded Sails – Explorers of the cursed islands of Lemonbomb Entertainment. Imagine yourself stuck in an island unprepared. You have no tools or any supplies needed for you to survive in the unprecedented condition. So you need to explore the island and find solutions to your unfortunate situation just so you and your fellow crewmates survive. I like how the maker of this game developed the game into something very interesting and challenging as you continue to play. There are life skills being incorporated in this game like crafting, farming, cooking especially discovering new recipes along with new ingredients and finding out which combinations give a boost. It has an energy system that serves as a guide to your health that you must have enough food or even more than enough to stay alive in the game so you need to do constant farming and cooking the right dishes. I am not gonna tell everything here. Play it and discover what I mean.

My Time at Portia (2018)

The plot of this game is quite simple but should not be underestimated. It has its complexities as you play on. The goal here is to restore your father’s old workshop and restore Portia at the same time. Your guide here is your father’s notebook to learn the recipes for each of the builds. However, you are not alone in rebuilding the place. There are other builders who also have the same plan as yours. It’s a tough competition that’s why you have to work your way up and strategize. Time management is also very important to consider in playing this game. I like this simulation game because it is much in touch with what is going on in real-life situations. Though young gamers might find the missions a bit difficult to follow, some parts, as the game progresses, also may not be suitable for them. I would recommend this to adult gamers as they know how life works better than the youngsters.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles (2017)

This game is a new release from Prideful Sloth. A lot of things are happening in this game. Quite complex yet fun and entertaining in a way. The introduction is a typical shipwreck story and you encounter magical sprites on the island called Gemea that was once your childhood home. The storyline is not that enticing though however, the game has a variety of genres like farming, helping villagers and many adventures. This game can be played by all ages. The downside here is the game has no focus and there’s too much going on. Also, there are not many adequate rewards for the players to motivate them to keep on playing. I must say this game is for someone who just wants to sit back and relax and no need to think much.

RollerCoaster Tycoon (2018)

Last but not the least, Roller Coaster Tycoon. I must say this is one heck of a game. It is all about building and maintaining a theme park. Consider yourself a theme park planner, manager and owner in this simulation game. All the things that you desire in a park can be placed all here. Graphics are designed well enough to entice gamers to indulge to play. I love this game. This brings back good childhood memories but from an adult point of view. Hats off to the creator and programmer Chris Sawyer for this remarkable game.

These are just a few of so many games on the list. Have you taken your pick? As for me, I would enjoy simulation games that would challenge my way of thinking and at the same would give me a rewarding experience after each game. City: Skylines and Roller Coaster Tycoon are in my top 5 list. Make your own list. Play all of them before you take your pick. After all, they’re all worth playing.

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