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Fighting games are known to be one of the classic genres in the world of gaming. Ironically, one of the most โ€œviolentโ€ gaming genres has brought millions of gamers together to play as a team to achieve one common goal – to win and get rid of the gameโ€™s antagonist.

Playing Nintendo Switch fighting games with friends, pummelling each other off, or hitting each other with virtual weapons across a variety of platforms and levels promises hours of fun and recreation. Nintendo Switch fighting games come with a variety of options, from fighting in Pokemon tournaments, anime-inspired games to the good old classic line-up. 

If youโ€™re looking for Nintendo Switch fighting games, youโ€™ve come to the right place. Browse through this roundup article and choose among some of the most popular and well-loved Nintendo Switch games.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)โ€‹

Among all the options available, the most popular and most played in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Gamers of all ages just canโ€™t get enough of the many characters, plenty of content, and stages to unlock, easy pickup controls that bring an overall fun gaming experience.

Perhaps one of the reasons why Super Smash Bros is one of the most loved Nintendo Switch fighting games all over the world is because it brings together all the familiar video game characters (74 characters to be exact) with 108 different maps to try out. Truly, this game lives up to its โ€œultimateโ€ name, giving gamers an ultimate gaming experience like no other.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is also a crowd favorite thanks to its easy-to-use game controls. Gamers of any age can easily play and enjoy the game by just using two buttons and a control stick. Technically, the basic moves for each character are the same, they just differ with their special moves that can be triggered during combat. In short, players who are not so used to Nintendo Switch fighting games can still enjoy the game even if they are still considered as newbies. Most fighting games have health bars during combat.

However, instead of a health bar, the Super Smash Bros Ultimate has a percentile that appears above the characters and once the hits go high enough, the character can get knocked out. In a sense, the absence of a health bar seems to be player-friendly especially among people who are still considered to be freshmen when it comes to fighting games.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collectionโ€‹ (2018)โ€‹

In the genre of fighting games, the Street Fighter franchise is impossible not to be acknowledged. In fact, even before consoles became popular, gamers have already been busy toggling some arcade buttons with their favorite Street Fighter characters. Known for its movies and comics that have spurred a lot of toys, action figures, and collectible items, Street Fighter is considered to be a pop culture icon.

Fortunately, the franchise has joined the flow of console gaming and has made the Street Fighter experience available with its all-in-one package in commemoration of its 30th anniversary. 

Take note, the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection isnโ€™t a remake – all the games in this Nintendo Switch option are all classic games, perfectly captured in all its vintage splendor. This is one of the best Nintendo Switch fighting games known for its best value, which may be attributed to the fact that it features all the 12 games from the original Street Fighter franchise. This is also a versatile Nintendo Switch game that makes it possible for gamers to check out online play to combat against strangers, go head to head with buddies, or simply load up on a multiple switch console.

Pokken Tournament DX (2015)

Pokemon gamers know all too well that for several years, Pokemon games can only be enjoyed via handheld game gear. However, thanks to the ever-evolving technology, gamers can now enjoy an intense Pokemon tournament using the Nintendo Switch. Pokemon fans have tagged the Pokken Tournament as one of the best Nintendo Switch fighting games, describing it as a delightful blend of Tekken with their favorite Pokemon characters.

If youโ€™re thinking that Pokken Tournament DX might just be the same as other Nintendo Switch fighting games, think again. The Pokken Tournament DX gives gamers an overall unique experience in a battlefield that shifts strategically between different stages depending on the Pokemon that you choose to bring to the tournament.

Mortal Kombat 11 (2019)โ€‹

Just like the Street Fighter franchise, Mortal Kombat is also one of the well-known classic fighting games for decades, 25 years to be exact. The original Mortal Kombat franchise has expertly gained the attention and respect of gamers thanks to its awesome fight moves, great graphics, fun story, and narrative that combines action with experience.

Mortal Kombat 11 remains to be one of the strong contenders as the best Nintendo Switch fighting games thanks to its sharper and cleaner graphics, great game combos, and new Krushing moves that all add up to a whole new experience of virtual fighting.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z (2018)

Anime series lovers are just so delighted with the Dragon Ball Fighter Z switch version. The makers of the game have truly embellished the actual show to the game, giving gamers an experience of watching actual frames of the series from the moment they booth up Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

The game, which has 24 playable characters, can be considered as one of the best Nintendo Switch fighting games thanks to its wild combos and impressive, full-blown aerial attacks. The aerial attacks can be strung together and successfully landed combos produce awesome blasts of color that fill the screen.

The actual combat can be considered as frantic, frenetic, and fast, which basically means that even non-fans of Dragon Ball Fighter Z can still enjoy the game. The character list also offers an impressive line-up, including Vegito or Android 21.

In a nutshell, the Nintendo Switch offers an excellent line-up not only of fighting games, but also other games or franchises that are not available on other major consoles. Did we include your favorite Nintendo Switch fighting games? If not, share it with us in the comments!

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