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Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has already become one of the most successful gaming consoles in history, even though it’s been a little over five years since its release. Like all Nintendo platforms, in that time it has amassed a solid library of games where everyone can find something for themselves. There are titles that are great for those who enjoy simple slots online and those who prefer more challenging games. And some projects every video game fan should become familiar with.

Metroid Dread

In these games, the player often encounters places where at first he cannot penetrate. But, after gaining new skills and pumping up old ones, he returns to the already explored locations and explores them completely.

Otherwise, it’s the usual addictive side-view adventure game with the protagonist being Samus Aran, the irreplaceable heroine of the series, this time exploring the planet ZDR. Her semi-abandoned station is run by sinister robots for some reason, and the workforce has disappeared somewhere. With an arsenal of ranged weapons and the heroine’s abilities, the player will have to find out what happened and figure out why the robots have gone crazy.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

One of the major hits of the console, it’s still played by millions of players every day. It’s a race card racing game featuring characters from almost every Nintendo game. A special feature of the Mario Kart series is that tokens with abilities are scattered around the track, picking them up, even the most careless racer can change the situation. For example, tossing the pursuers an explosive turtle shell or, conversely, temporarily protecting themselves with an impenetrable shield.

Of course, the full extent of merry skating blossoms in multiplayer games, and not necessarily play on the network. Single-screen co-op mode is also supported, so you can entertain the company in almost any situation – just have a console with the game.

Pokemon Legends Arceus

Among role-playing games on Nintendo consoles, the Pokemon series has always stood out – unlike other projects, here all the adventures were tied to catching special animals and their battles with the trainees of other trainers. The new Pokemon Legends Arceus doesn’t change this tradition, but moves all the action to a modern, large and open world.

Arceus offers a unique gaming experience. The game is divided into catching Pokémon and using them in combat with other Pokémon, in the course of which your beasts learn and become more skilled. Battles take place in turn-based mode, but catching is not, you have to run after your pokémon through the grass manually. After gaining a certain amount of experience points, each pokémon evolves into the next form, changing its appearance and abilities. With hundreds of species in the game, it’s easy to spend ages gathering them all and combining them into powerful teams!

Tetris 99

Among the best free-to-play games for the Nintendo Switch, Tetris 99, a reimagining of the classic online battle game, comes to mind most often. The idea behind this new version is that there are 99 Tetris players participating in a match simultaneously, the most successful of which can throw unexpected surprises at the others. The winner is the one who manages to build monolithic structures from falling pieces faster than the others, so that the blocks collected in a line disappear and do not reach the top edge of the screen.

Besides the main one, there are other combat modes. These can be played not with real players, but with bots. The participants may not be 99, and if you want you can play the classic mode of survival. Tetris 99’s free-to-play and addictiveness have been the cornerstones of its success, but you still need a Nintendo online subscription to run the game.

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