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In the gaming industry, the formula for a gameโ€™s success does not necessarily rely on whether it is the newer version or updated version. In this case, Xenoblade Chronicles 1 DE was recently released last May 29 – how does it fare against Xenoblade Chronicles 2?

For the record, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was one of the pioneering RPGs released for Switch in 2017. In 2010, Monolith soft surprised Nintendo fans with the release of open-world RPG Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii.


The characters of Xenoblade 2 made it a bit difficult for gamers to take it seriously. The depth of the main characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 seems a bit off, although if you have been playing with Japanese RPG for quite some time, this may not be a big deal. However, if you are used to games with characters that offer a lot of depth and backstory, like Tomb Raider or The Last of Us, you can definitely see the difference. For some, the villains of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are more interesting than the protagonists, so you might want to brace yourself for the shallow characters of the game. Of course, this is not really a problem if you just want to focus on winning the game without delving into the backstory or depth of the characters.

Depth and Storyline

For a lot of serious gamers, Xenoblade Chronicles 1 DE is a whole lot better than Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Of course, itโ€™s not in the same levels as The Last of Us but the game play and the characters definitely have more depth than Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Additionally, the battle system of Xenoblade Chronicles 1 DE is less convoluted. Xenoblade Chronicles 1 DE also offers an enthralling storyline full of twists and turns paired with a unique combat system and memorable characters. This one of a kind combination has catapulted the game as one of the standout Japanese RPGs of the decade.

Xenoblade Chronicles 1 DE is ideal for gamers who are looking for depth and challenge in virtual combat. The fighting sequence gradually becomes rewarding and complicated as gamers progress through the storyline. Another thing that seems to be insignificant to a lot of players of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are the Blades, a Pokemon-like system where players have to unlock the blades and have to deal with dozens of worthless ones before getting a Blade that was

Background Music

If background music plays a big role in your overall gaming satisfaction, you can bet on the original Xenoblade to dish out terrific music. In RPG games, background music is really crucial because it sets the atmosphere of the game. Fortunately, Monolith Soft offers a dynamic and absolutely gorgeous soundtrack that impressively immerses players into the magical realms of Mechonis and Bionis. The background music of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is still magical and enthralling, but it leans more on straightforward tunes and are less diverse.


Xenoblade Review

If thereโ€™s one thing that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 wins over Xenoblade Chronicles 1 DE, it would have to be its aesthetics. This is quite understandable and expected because it is a newer game and even the remastered version of the original canโ€™t compete with the detailed and vibrant landscapes of the sequel.

Although Xenoblade Chronicles 1 DE was created in the context of limited hardware, it still offered decent visuals that made it shine among other games, particularly with its thick sense of atmosphere. Of course, if it is compared to the new vibrant visuals and overall sleekness of the Xenoblade Chronicles 2, thereโ€™s simply no contest.

The gorgeous and enthralling visuals of Xenoblade 2 offer a colorful, vibrant and crisp gaming experience. The draw distances are incredible for Switch software and the environments are fully loaded with depth.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 wins this round over Xenoblade Chronicles 1 DE. With its concept of having 2 major โ€œTitanโ€ gods and an array of different, interesting environments, players can definitely have a great time swimming through the diverse traits. Bionis and Mechonis is Xenoblade Chronicles 1 DE also offered a sense of diversity in its areas but overall, it mostly adhered to the unifying theme of industrial or organic vibe.

If you are looking for a lot of surprising adventures as you course through the game, go for the Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Youโ€™ll find yourself immersed in a rich, distinct gaming experience as you fly through floating continents one minute, gazing at the gorgeous Uraya foliage or trekking through the huge industrial terrain of Rexโ€™s homeland. 

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 may also be overwhelming at times, throwing different things or tasks at once – you need to deal with Blades, Elemental Arts, Aux Cores, various skill trees and pass through obstructions. If you are good at multitasking or feel the rush from it, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a great choice; but if you want the classic gameplay experience, youโ€™ll be better off with Xenoblade Chronicles 1 DE.


With the Xenoblade Chronicles 1 DE, thereโ€™s a cloud of convolution and ambiguity when it comes to the gameplay. The overall interface and menus are also a bit confusing, especially for first time players; itโ€™s even confusing for players who have already tried the game, deserted it for months, and tried playing it back again.

Meanwhile, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has a more streamline feel, giving players a clearer experience and direction. The instructions are clearer and the waypoints are apparent and abundant.

The Verdict

Bottomline is, thereโ€™s a Xenoblade game for each gamer, depending on tastes and preferences. If youโ€™re into cutesy, anime look with a light gameplay and storyline, the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a good choice. However, if you are looking for a more serious version of Xenoblade, with tougher adventures, premium music and voice acting, youโ€™ll be better off playing the Xenoblade Chronicles 1 DE. Just think of the Xenoblade Chronicles 1 DE as the polished and better paced version while the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the lighter, more happy go lucky version of the game.

That concludes our rundown for the Xenoblade Chronicles 1 DE vs Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Care to share your thoughts about our featured games? Share it with us in the comments!

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