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Best Apple Arcade Games

The launch of the Apple Arcade was a breath of fresh air for mobile gamers. For only $5 per month, Apple gives players access to a fast-growing library of nearly 200 premium games that can be enjoyed on iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple TV with a real controller.

In this article, we’ll be featuring our list of the best Apple Arcade games worth playing. It’s worth noting that while some of the titles are not available on other mobile platforms, some are available on other dedicated PC stores and gaming consoles. Nevertheless, Apple Arcade is a one-stop-shop where binge-worthy games are available in a convenient and affordable bundle.

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Is Apple Arcade any good?

Yes! If you’re looking for simpler mobile games to play on your iPhone or iPad, Apple Arcade is a wonderful choice. For $5, you get more than what you’re paying with an access to a wide selection of premium mobile games without the annoying ads and microtransactions.

Can I just buy Apple Arcade games?

No. You can’t buy Apple Arcade games without getting an Apple Arcade subscription. The Apple Arcade games are available in the iOS App Store via Apple Arcade


The creator of Final Fantasy may not be under Square Enix anymore but he’s still getting those high-quality JRPGs on another platform. 

Fantasian is the latest offering from Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Mistwalker studio. The storyline of this Apple Arcade game might be slightly leaning toward the past but the impressive, shining visuals are hands-down straight from the future.

NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition‬

Don’t underestimate the “Arcade Edition” title of this beloved basketball game. While this version is undeniably a simplified version of Apple Arcade, players still need to master the technical skill in order to succeed and achieve their virtual hoop-dreams.

You know the drill – maintain a strong DEFENSe, time your shots properly, or else the other team will gloat over your loss. This Apple Arcade version still feels like a tense and serious basketball game, thanks to the high production value and graphics.

The Oregon Trail

Created by Gameloft, players will navigate through modern twists of historically accurate to completely wild journeys. You can pick your traveling party and wisely stock your wagon with the needed supplies as you embark on an exhilarating adventure filled with unexpected situations, new dangers, and tough choices. 

You can expect blizzards, exhaustion, starvation, and dreaded dysentery along with some broken limbs and snakebites along the way. Navigating through an untamed frontier will quench the thirst of adventure-loving players craving for a serious survival Apple Arcade game.

Oceanhorn 2

This is actually a revamped game with two new expansions – The Criminal Hunt and The Shield of Chronos.

With The Shield of Chronos, players can unlock a side quest where they can explore a new dungeon and use a special shield that can deflect projectiles straight back to the enemies. If you’re looking for mini-adventures, The Criminal Hunt has mini side quests that put players in the shoes of a bounty hunter chasing down burly and surly characters like Baron Slimethorn and Sir Singalot.

Skate City

If you can’t really hold your legs up while skating in real life, you can try to be a pro in skating in Apple Arcade! As obvious as its game title, Skate City is a (you guessed it) skating game developed for and published exclusively on Apple Arcade.

In this Apple Arcade game, players skate “around the world” in the streets of each featured or chosen city. We said “around the world” because technically, it’s not really featuring all the cities of the world. In reality, players have three options – Los Angeles, Barcelona, and Oslo.

Each city has its own style, obstacles, and music to add to the ambiance. There’s also an Endless mode, where players can get some cash by completing specific requirements and performing different tricks. The cash earned can be used to unlock another city or buy new clothes or skating gear.

Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove is a life-sim game with a camping theme. But it’s not just an ordinary camping theme – it’s set up on a haunted, ever-changing island. Players can refer to themselves as Spirit Scouts, wandering the island forest, finding hidden secrets, and helping appease the local ghosts. The goal of this Apple Arcade game is to bring joy and color back to Cozy Grove.


Before you think “Oh, this is another automatic runner game,” EarthNight sets itself a cut above the rest by offering extremely distinct art, free and fluid motion, and music that’s fresh and highly entertaining.

Bonus: it’s not all about running. You can actually stab a dragon in the eye with a sword. How cool is that?!

Manifold Garden

In the mood for some trippy puzzle challenges? Say no more – Manifold Garden is a puzzle game that’s more than trippy. Players travel through impossible geometry that feels like an endless, effortless dream that may just end up in a stressful nightmare if not handled successfully.

Your brain will definitely enjoy the challenge and you’ll certainly be busy (and entertained) for hours.

Neo Cab

Imagine this – you’re the last human driver competing against automated rideshare services. You’re in the futuristic world and you’re trying to locate your missing friend. 

It’s an emotional survival game where you meet “people,” learn their stories while trying to remain human! Aside from trying to find your missing friend, you also have no money and no place to stay – no other choice but to keep driving!


Players who are familiar with Into the Breach may find some similarities in Overland. Both games put the spotlight on desperate tactics when random odds arise. 

The small grids across the wasteland is the venue for a player’s adventure; a place where tough decisions need to be made. Where’s the best place to look for gas? Do you stay or bail? When should you heal your dog? Overland is clearly one of Apple Arcade’s best strategy genre with a post-apocalyptic theme and interface.

And that ends our list for the best Apple arcade games! Did you see your favorite Apple arcade game on the list? Connect with us and share your favorite Apple arcade game in the comments!

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