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Wild Rift has been pretty stellar since its release. Save for minor bugs and matchmaking issues; the gameplay is super fun, tactical, and challenging. But despite the electric experience, something’s lacking about Wild Rift. Wanna know what it is? 


The limited hero pool dictates the current meta. And the absence of banning and drafting makes things even duller. Blitzcrank and Yasuo spammers populate rank matches. Some champs make it easy to dominate, while others find it difficult with their underwhelming kits.

However, this won’t always be the case. As Riot adds more champions to Wild Rift, games will become more unpredictable and engaging.

That said, Here are the top champions we’d love to see in the game.


When talking about mages, only Ahri and Orianna have proven to be consistent. Other champs like AS and Annie are usually slept on. We’d like to have a variety of mages to choose from, such as:


  • Driven by rage and corruption, Lissandra the Ice Witch seeks to unleash a new ice age upon the world. Her cc-oriented kit is useful in countering mobile assassins like Fizz and Akali. Plus, she won’t be an easy prey thanks to her Glacial Path that allows her to teleport a certain distance.


  • One of League’s older champions, Archmage Ryze, must utilize the arcane power he yields to protect those he loves. With strong poking capabilities, a shield-producing mechanic, and an ultimate that can position your team during fights, Ryze is a unique addition to the mid lane meta.


  • Remember Nasus and his crazy ability to stack damage? Well, meet Veigar, the mage version of Nasus, but instead of damage, he stockpiles ability power. As expected, he’s quite a thorn in the throat to deal with during late game. Not sure how Riot would modify his abilities for mobile, but he’ll surely be a fun hero to play in Wild Rift.


Coming up next are champions for the most underrated role in Wild Rift: support. Everyone’s getting tired of seeing Sona, Soraka, and Nami. It’s time for these PC babysitters to hit the lineup:


  • As a beefy short-ranged support, Thresh is often considered the Blitzcrank for higher ELO. He can reposition his allies or mess up enemy formation, turning the tide of the battle into his team’s favor. You can expect him to be a favorite pick for support mains with his high potential for outplays.


  • In contrast to her name and dark lore, Morgana the Fallen is an excellent support that helps dominate the lane using aggressive spells that deal damage over time. Her appearance in the mobile league scene will redefine the impression that most supports only exist to heal teammates.


  • Although he can be played as an assassin-type champ, Pyke the Blood Ripper is built to shine in the support role. Quite similar to Thresh, he can pull enemies over from a short distance. His kit enables him to roam around the map swiftly and sometimes unseen. This makes it easy to initiate ganks or back up teammates.


There’s no denying that Wild Rift has plenty of marksmen already. However, it won’t hurt to add these fun champions to the fray:


  • Is your go-to champ if you want to end games quickly (assuming you dominate early game, though!). Her passive is great for zoning out your opponents in the lane. Plus, her already decent range paired with a long-scope ultimate makes her a key damage dealer during team fights.


  • Everyone’s looking forward to Teemo’s grand entrance, but they seem to forget how cute and valuable Tristana is. One thing that defines her is her mobility-slash-escape skill, Rocket Jump. This ability enables her to bounce to a decent distance quickly. As a result, she can overextend than most marksmen in the lane.


  • As a high-skill cap marksman, Aphelios is fun and rewarding if you manage to master his mechanics. Honestly, it’s a big question mark how Riot will port this champion to Wild Rift, considering that his kit is quite complex and extensive. But if he does, he’ll surely take the game to a whole new level.


Let’s admit it. We all got so excited and happy when Lee Sin made his debut to Wild Rift. In addition to the Blind Monk, here are other champions that deserve to be released already:


  • The Spider Queen is one of the few heroes that have their ultimate already unlocked at level one. She can change between human and spider form, each featuring a unique set of abilities. Her high burst damage makes her one of the most popular junglers to enter the game.


  • Rek’sai is a mobile assassin known for her fast in-and-out gameplay. Her ability, Tremor Sense, reveals invisible enemy units. This will come in handy against Evelyn, who currently has no counter to her invisibility at the moment.


  • Armed with a trusty boar and plenty of crowd control abilities in her arsenal, Sejuani is a strong jungler that scales neatly into the late game. Her high base stats make her tanky as the match progresses, and her fast clearing potential helps secure the team’s early game.


To be honest and with all due respect to the current tank pool, Alistar and Singed are pretty mediocre as front liners. We need more damage soakers that don’t suck like:


  • Don’t be fooled by his ninjastic appearance. Shen is no assassin but a solid support tank that you’ll definitely enjoy playing. He can cast a zone that nullifies basic attacks, slow and taunt enemies, and utilizes an ultimate that teleports him to an ally while giving them a shield.


  • Although not entirely a dedicated tank, Renekton is more of a bruiser that can absorb a decent amount of damage. His skill set may not be as unique as some of the champs above, but he still makes it to this list because he’s everybody’s favorite neighborhood crocodile.


  • A support-tank hybrid, Maokai can disable enemies, sustain the team, and harass the lane for your team’s ADC to farm freely. When playing him, your main objective in team fights is to disrupt enemy formation while keeping your core heroes alive. Him coming to Wild Rift will certainly spice up the tank meta.

And That’s It!

We know you have other favorite champions in mind that didn’t make it to this list. But don’t be sad. Riot knows better and will probably release your pick earlier than the champs on this list. So stay tuned and enjoy Wild Rift!

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