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All avid mobile gamers know that there are so many options available to get a fix of gaming that the app stores are packed with them. But there’s nothing worse than downloading that title which turns out to be, well, not very good. So, below we aim to sift through that seemingly never-ending list of titles to find you some of the best to have on your cellphone.

1. Inside

This is a stunning game and the follow-up to the popular, Limbo, and it builds on the success of its predecessor. Once again, it’s a monochrome masterpiece which has you absolutely gripped throughout. Visually stunning, atmospheric, puzzling, chilling, it has so much to it. Whilst this isn’t the newest title on this list, or the longest in terms of gameplay, it’s just that good that if you haven’t had it on your device, then you just have to get it.

2. NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition

As we’ve just got to the start of a new season, we have to get involved on the digital court. Although this is a title exclusive to Apple Arcade, it’s one of the best options and certainly one which tops the list of sports games available. Visually, NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition is fantastic, it looks like a console game. Whilst this is a slimmed-down version of the one that is available on the major console platforms, it doesn’t dilute the experience.

3. Zynga Poker

This is a long-standing free-play poker app, relied upon by experienced players but also mentioned in a guide for poker beginners as a go-to mobile option. Zynga Poker is the game that stands out amongst a myriad of choices in the card game category. It’s slick, as you’d expect from this well-established mobile game company. The poker play is solid; it has some nice bonuses for new and returning players to the card game, whose popularity has risen again during the pandemic.

4. Nauticrawl

This opens up as a very strange experience, it’s a bit of a mystery as to what is going on. Arguably like an escape room, you have to find the clues to first figure out where you are before you can progress and escape. With only an instrument panel in front of you, to drive whatever vehicle it is you’re in, to go to wherever it is you have to go. Your search for clues to progress just gets more gripping. You want to learn what each button does and the consequences of pressing them, in the right or wrong order. It’s a different experience which is intriguing, and it’s a simple but clever title.

5. Chicken Police – Paint It Red

Yes, the title is bizarre. But it’s true. There’s police and they’re chickens! If it’s hard to imagine that happening, then put them in a film noir, gangster setting and you’ve got it. All the characters are played by animals in this detective, crime fiction interactive experience. It’s got a really smooth, well-produced feel, like an old movie. Whilst the puzzles throughout can be a little difficult at times, you just want to know what comes next. It’s the perfect partner to a commute which will have you laughing out loud at times too.


This is arguably the most sedate and serene experience in gaming of 2021. It’s so simple and straightforward that it’s beautiful. You just get a set of nine jumbled-up letters set upon a backdrop of a stunning vista, and you have to make as many words out of them as you can. The way the game is set out, the atmosphere it creates is one that’s so relaxing, it can certainly take you away from the stresses and strains of the busy hubbub of everyday life.


We hope you do take our advice and experience some of these titles. Some demonstrate the bleeding edge of mobile technology, whilst others show that sometimes all you need is to embrace simplicity to create a great experience too.

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