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Wild Rift is growing bigger by the day. With more players picking up the game, competition becomes fiercer and challenging. If you hate to lose, a better understanding of the game will contribute to more victories. So whether you’re a casual who wants to learn the ropes or a veteran looking to expand in-game knowledge, this is the perfect guide for you.

But first things first.

What Are Objectives in Wild Rift?

In WR, the main objective would be to destroy the opponent’s nexus. In a more general term, objectives also include turrets you have to tear down, buffs you have to secure, and mobs to be killed. 

The Importance of Objective Control

Killing lots of enemies is undoubtedly fun, but it doesn’t win you the game. Going for objectives does. You can have a great KDA (Kill/Death/Assist Ratio) and still lose when your base gets destroyed. Objective control gives your team the upper hand in clashes. It also brings you closer to destroying your enemy’s base. 

Here are some ways of controlling objectives:

  • Pushing and lane and destroying turrets.
  • Killing the Baron and Rift Herald.
  • Slaying the Dragon.
  • Killing the Rift Scuttler to secure vision.
  • Clearing jungle monsters.

Objective: Baron and Rift Herald

The Baron and Rift Herald are two significant factors that contribute to victory. They help your team penetrate the enemy’s base by giving you a powerful buff or tanking a turret’s aggro. They will spawn near Baron Lane (Purple S logo in the base)

  • Rift Herald 
  • Spawns at 6:00
  • Drops the Eye of Herald buff when slain. Use it to summon the Rift Herald to lunge at the enemy turret, dealing damage and tanking its attacks.
  • Can only be slain once.
  • Baron Nashor
  • Spawns at 10:00
  • Slaying Baron Nashor gives your team the Hand Baron Nashor buff. This buff increases the health and damage of nearby minions as well as significantly reducing recall time.
  • Note that the buff doesn’t apply to teammates who are on death cooldown. 
  • It will keep spawning every 3 minutes until the game ends. It also gets stronger with each respawn.

Securing the Herald buff provides a considerable advantage during the early game since it typically guarantees a turret takedown. The jungler can solo the Rift Herald, but it’s advisable to defeat it with a teammate or two in case a fight occurs. Meanwhile, slaying the Baron is not easy and usually requires 3-5 people.

Objective: Dragons and Elder Drake

In contrast to the Baron and Herald, Dragons provide buffs that give your team an advantage during team fights. The Dragon spawns on the Dragon Lane (blue dragon logo) side of the map. While it’s mainly the jungler’s job to secure it, champions in the dragon lane should come over to help.

Overall, there are four elemental drakes, with each one granting a unique buff. Keep in mind that they spawn during the 4:00-minute mark.

  • Mountain Dragon (Brown): Grants 6% of maximum health as a shield after 5 seconds of not taking damage.
  • Infernal Dragon (Red): Grants 8% damage increase.
  • Ocean Dragon (Bluegreen): Grants 8% Physical Vamp and Magical Vamp.
  • Cloud Dragon (White / Silver): Grants 7.5% bonus movement speed doubled to 15% when out-of-combat.

Meanwhile, the Elder Dragon is basically an upgraded version of the elemental drakes. It provides enhanced buffs and applies true damage burn effect on a champion’s attacks. Additionally, it’ll only spawn after all four elemental types have been slain.

  • Mountain Elder Dragon: Grants 9% of maximum health as a shield after 5 seconds of not taking damage.
  • Infernal Elder Dragon: Grants12% damage increase.
  • Ocean Elder Dragon: Grants 12% Physical Vamp and Magical Vamp.
  • Cloud Elder Dragon: Grants 11.25% bonus movement speed which is doubled to 22.5% when out-of-combat.

Objective: Minor Jungle Camps 

Minor jungle camps are the bread and butter for junglers. All of these non-epic monsters will spawn at 0:20. Knowing which ones to clear first helps in executing a more effective rotation.

  • Ancient Krug:  Spawning to the right of the Red Brambleback, this monster splits into tinier ones upon death. You can get a total of 200 gold from clearing this camp.
  • Gromp: Looks like a frog with an enlarged throat. It has a large hp and drops 140 gold when killed.
  • Murk Wolves: The pack consists of one great wolf and two lesser wolves. It gives a total of 140 gold.

Objective: Rift Scuttler

The Rift Scuttler is a neutral mob that looks like a little green crab. It spawns at 1:25 and roams the top and bottom river. It’s one of the most crucial jungle objectives in the game. Killing it grants 120 gold, bonus movespeed in the river, and a circular vision of the area for 1:30 minutes. Lastly, it’ll respawn two minutes after you slay it.

Objective: Blue Sentinel

The Blue Sentinel, more commonly known as the Blue Bluff is a large golem monster with a blue core. It spawns on the left upper left quadrant of the map at 0:20. Defeating the Blue Sentinel grants the Crest of Insight buff, which gives your champion bonus health and mana regeneration.

Objective: Red Brambleback

Referred to as the Red Buff, the Red Brambleback appears as a treant-looking monster with a bright-orange core. It spawns together with the Blue Sentinel but on the lower right quadrant of the map. Slaying this mob provides the Crest of Cinders buff. This buff grants true damage to your champion’s attacks in addition to a slow effect. Keep in mind that ranged heroes will obtain only half of the original Crest of Cinders’s effect.

Objective: Plants

Plants are just as useful as mobs and provide various effects. All in all, there are three plants in the game.

  • Honey Fruit: A green plant found in the river and lanes. Drops 3 beads that heal your champion. It spawns at 0:45 and respawns two minutes after plucking them out.

  • Blast Cone: A red plant in the middle of the jungle. Hitting it will launch champions around its radium to the opposite direction they’re facing. Perfect for making escapes.

  • Scryer’s Bloom: Spawns at 0:25. Hit it to reveal enemies in a fan-shaped area to which the plant is facing.

Wrapping Things Up

Take a deep breath. Although this might seem like a lot to take in at the moment, just digest each information slowly but surely. Remember to place wards in and around objectives to secure them or prevent the enemies from doing so. GLHF! 

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