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Tired of grinding up to 3 AM only to lose the points you’ve earned the next day? You’re not alone. That’s pretty much my daily routine before. Well, it was always like that until I learned to enhance my game sense, improve my aim, and maintain a consistent performance. And in this blog, I’m going to teach some tips to become a better SND player  in Call of Duty Mobile.

But first of all…

Why Search and Destroy?

Yeah. Why not domination or hardpoint? What about team deathmatch or frontline? Honestly, it all comes down to personal preference. 

For me, I find SND challenging and fun as it requires undivided focus since you can’t respawn until the next round. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about chaotic scorestreaks or enemies spawning right behind you. Finally, I find it easier to rank up in SND because it gives the most points for each victory. 

However, keep in mind that SND is a high-risk, high-reward game mode. You can also lose a lot of points if you’re the bottom frag. That’s why you’ll have to contribute to your team as much as possible.

Search and Destroy Tips and Tricks

1. Don’t Rush

You’ve probably heard this already from your teammate’s comms. Don’t rush! And it’s actually pretty solid advice. Remember, if you die, you won’t respawn until the round is over. 

Every player counts in SND. Your team needs all the armed forces it can get. You’ll be at a disadvantage if the enemy outnumbers you.

If you’re a rusher, make sure to calculate the risk over the gains. Aim to kill at least one or two enemies before you go down. Another thing, use a smokescreen to infiltrate enemy lines without being seen.

2. Master the Bomb Timing

The bomb is a core element in search and destroy. It can win or lose games. 

You can wipe out the enemy team and still lose if you fail to defuse the bomb. That’s why you must master the timing. 

It’s pretty easy, actually. Just remember that it takes 5 seconds to plant the bomb and 4 seconds to defuse. Also, getting flash banged will cancel the animation. 

3. Prepare Multiple Loadouts

This one’s pretty basic. We all know this. I just want to emphasize the importance of being flexible, especially when playing solo. Again, you should have multiple loadouts for different situations.

For example, you might be a sniper main, but then your team already has three snipers. This can put you at a disadvantage if the enemies manage to get close with their SMGs and shotguns. It would be best to adjust and use an AR or SMG loadout in the meantime. 

Personally, I have 10 setups for search and destroy (I only play SND anyway) – three sniper loadouts, three SMGs, two assaults, and two shotgun loadouts. I switch them up depending on my team’s needs. 

4. Know When to Plant the Bomb

I notice a lot of players don’t bother playing objectives. They just want to kill, kill, and kill! It’s not a problem as long as you can consistently rake frags for the team. However, there are times when you have to skip the carnage and focus on winning instead.

Now for the ultimate question: when to plant the bomb? You shouldn’t plant when you’re heavily outnumbered by the enemies, such as in a 1v4 situation. It’ll be hard to defend that. It’s better to pick off 1 or 2 enemies first before rushing to the other site to plant.

This also goes the other way around when you outnumber the enemy team. If you’re carrying the bomb, don’t wait until each one of you gets picked off. Plant it! You’ll need all the help you can get to defend the site.

5. Dead Silence is the Key

I can’t stress enough how game-changing the Dead Silence perk is in SND. Yes, it’s been nerfed, and enemies can now hear your footsteps while running. However, being stealthy even while walking gives you enough advantage to ambush someone.

With everyone probably playing with headphones on, remember that footsteps are everything in SND. A single footstep gives you tons of information on where the enemies are. That’s why I highly recommend equipping Dead Silence perk.

6. To Fight or Not to Fight

We know Call of Duty is about guns and warfare. So, it’s only natural if you want every piece of the carnage. But SND is different. It’s tactical. Besides being a savage, you also need to think about your decisions carefully.

For example, you encounter an enemy at B site. Both of you engage in a gunfight. Suddenly, you hear footsteps approaching, and you know it’s not your teammate. In this case, it’s best to back away and reposition instead of getting stabbed (or shot) in the back.

In another scenario, you’ve managed to hack off an enemy’s HP from medium range. You see him backing away. Don’t allow him to regenerate or regroup with his team. Chase and go for the kill.

7. Use Team Comms

If it’s not too obvious by now, Call of Duty Mobile is a team game. Communication is critical. Honestly, I find it uncomfortable talking to strangers online, but if it’s for the sake of winning, I don’t mind blurting a call-out or two.

Make sure you report events to your team but don’t overdo it. You can tell them that A is clear or that you’ve killed the one defending the B site. Letting your teammates know of the enemies’ position gives them an idea of what to expect, giving them an advantage in possible gunfights.

8. Utilize the Head Glitch

Head glitching is a common tactic in FPS. It involves firing behind a cover, such as a car, wall, or box to make you harder to hit. It’s called a head glitch because only your head will be visible from the enemy’s perspective. 

I’m not the greatest aimer, so I’ve lost many gunfights against someone who’s head glitching. Unless I’m feeling quite godlike with my aim during the match, I typically don’t contest head glitchers behind their cover. What I do is perform maneuvers like smoking and rushing to force enemies out of their hiding spot.


Like any other game, ranking up in CODM isn’t a walk in the park. It all depends on your performance and consistency. But if you follow the tips above, I guarantee that you’ll become a more effective SND player who wins most matches. Good luck with the grind!

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 by vipernotasimp in September 29, 2021

thanks for the tips bro ...

 by Codmey in November 3, 2021

Bro your tips and tricks are really good, after reading your tips. Now I have the confidence to rush with the locus and no joke in the past 2 days i got 3 nukes in legendary ranked with the sniper Dead silence is best thing in whole game. Just check it out. It's like a hack. You can flank fastly with all enemies looking where they saw you last. Thanks

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