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Escape From Tarkov – Shoreline Map Guide for Beginners

The Shoreline map of Escape from Tarkov is quite diverse with both open and enclosed areas and excellent plundering chances. The map gives players an extensive opportunity to encounter intense PVP battles. But as the Shoreline map is quite large, entering it without any prior knowledge means you will probably get lost somewhere in the deserted beach or the resorts.

So, learning before trying is the only solution to successfully escape from the Shoreline map. Here in this guide, we have tried covering the most important locations of the map. Read them and learn the strategies you should adapt before playing.

Shoreline Map Guide – Locations to Explore


Health Resort

tarkov shorelinemap - health resort

Location: At the center of the shoreline map or to the north of the Power Plant. Has north, east and west wings.

The north wing has an administrative building. As the name signifies, you will find offices, storage or maintenance rooms, and the like in there. 

The west wing houses multiple apartments, a swimming pool and a gym in the basement. Similarly, the east wing has double or triple-storey apartments and the structure is quite similar to the west wing.

All regions of the health resort are rich in loot items; hence squads frequently visit there. So, beware during your search or you will end up losing your life. 

Possible Loot:
  • North Wing: Technical loot, provisions, safes, medical supplies, key spawns etc.   
  • West Wing:  Weapon spawns, weapon boxes, grenade boxes, toolboxes, rare items etc.
  • East Wing: Money, jewelry, PC blocks, medbags, key spawns, safes etc.

Power Plant

Tarkov shoreline map - power station

Location: At the center, to the north of the Gas Station. Can be detected by three voltage lines emerging from there. 

The power station complex serves as a bridge to go across the river without travelling a long distance. In this area, there’s the main building, sandbags, abandoned cars and a guard shack. The groups of Scavs are active in the power plant area, wait at a safe distance and try sniping them before entering.

Possible Loot:
  • In sandbag entrenchment – weapon crates and grenade box
  • In the guard shack – key for West Wing office 104
  • In the main building – toolbox, jackets, key for room 222 in East wing and loose loot. Beware of the spawn when entering the first floor.


Tarkov shorelinemap - cottages

Location: On the west of the Shoreline map, or east of the village. 

These are private luxury estates inundated with the best loot items. But keep your eyes peeled as the Scavs will be patrolling everywhere. Also, the building has wooden floors, so move cautiously or you will reveal your location to someone.

Possible Loot:
  • Western Villa: Medbag, jackets, weapon cabinets, key for room 220 of the West Wing in the key rack etc.
  • Eastern Villa: Find the key for the back entrance of the Eastern Villa on the water barrels outside. Inside, you can lose money, weapons, safes, duffle bags etc.


Tarkov shoreline map - village

Location: On the west of the map, or the southern side of the swamp. 

A large and abandoned village, patrolled frequently by NPC scavengers. There are several houses separated by fences and some storefronts. Finding a hideout in this area is simple, but surviving out of it is not. In the westernmost area, there is a Scav-just extraction point. Plus, the whole village is highly contested, especially at the beginning of the raid.

Possible Loot:
  • At the south-east of the village – weapon box in the parked tank
  • In the bus parked near the tank – cottage safe key
  • Jackets, duffle bags and toolboxes in almost every house

Gas Station

Tarkov shoreline map - Gas station

Location: In the southern part, also on the south of the Power Station and Health Resort.

In this area, you will find the gas station, a beach at the front plus a parking lot, and the Scav groups that are roaming everywhere. To locate them or other players, go east from the gas station to find the stone outcrop. Since the gas station is on fire, you will need to have a good number of health supplies before entering. Also, try remaining close to the wall and heal before you are burnt to death. 

Possible Loot:
  • On the beach – key for room 221 of the West Wing
  • Gas station room – a safe and weapon crates

scav Island

Tarkov shoreline map - scav island

Location: On the southwestern part of the map, or from villas to the south

An island along the shore containing a house and two tool sheds. To reach there, you need to walk through the ship that bridges the mainland to the island. However, the ship creates a lot of noise so try to cross it as soon as possible. As the name says, there will be some Scavs waiting to welcome you. Beware of them as well as the enemies who can see you even from the mainland because most of the island has no coverage.

Possible Loot:
  • In the house and warehouse – weapon cases and toolboxes
  • In the tool sheds – medbags, loose loot and key spawns for East Wing (Room 226 and 328)

Bus Terminal

Tarkov shoreline map - bus terminal

Location: On the north of the power plant or to the south of villas

There is nothing much to loot in this area. However, getting shot by anyone is a possibility especially if you enter from the treeline where groups of Scavs are wandering. Moreover, the snipers can easily locate you from the western resort roofs. 

Possible Loot:
  • A cash register
  • Weapon case

Weather Station

Tarkov shoreline map - weather station

Location: Near to the center, on the southeast of the map and Health Resort.  

Radar tower is the easiest place to locate on the Shoreline map. The meteorological tower is high enough to be seen from a far distance. Reaching on top will let you have a bird’s eye view but don’t stay there for long or someone will snipe you. Approaching from the north is the best way to enter this double-storey building. As the Scavs patrol the yard only, the weather station is a relatively safe looting point.

Possible Loot:
  • On the top of the tower – a grenade box and key to safe 321 of Health Resort
  • Near the trucks parked outside – two weapon boxes
  • In the weather station building – medbag, duffle bag and other provision spawns on the first floor; rare items, electronics, PC block, safe and file cabinets on the second floor

End Note 

Escape from Tarkov is undoubtedly a challenging game. With multiple hostile players and Scavs hunting for you, surviving is difficult for amateurs as well. So, don’t lose hope, follow the valuable insights shared in this guide and keep trying until you conclude a successful raid.

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