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Friday Night Funkin has been getting a ton of love recently as its week 7 just came out in April 2021. 

This popular open source, rhythm game is developed by 4 Newgrounds users and is free to play on PC. 

What’s more is that the creators are even planning on releasing the full game on other platforms including the Nintendo Switch as early as 2022. 

That means it isn’t long until the Friday Night Funkin switch is introduced. Hence this is the best time to learn all about the game and how to play it on PC.

What is Friday Night Funkin

Friday Night Funkin is an indie, open source, rhythm or dancing game created by Newgrounds users. The game revolves around two main characters, Boyfriend and Girlfriend who have to prove their love for each other through the power of song and dance. 

To explain it briefly, the story goes something like this, in the prologue the main characters’ girlfriend and boyfriend, who is a rapper, meet up and hit it off immediately. 

However, girlfriend’s family objects to the relationship with boyfriend. So, boyfriend has to defeat them in a series of sing-offs with multiple characters to win over her family. 

Now in regard to what the player has to do, it is simple.  On PC, you just have to mimic the movements of your opponent using the WASD keys. 

The creators have admitted that the gameplay is based off of Dance Dance Revolution and PaRappa the Rapper. The game also features a multiplayer mode in which 2 players can choose any character they want. To download or get more information about the game itself, visit this link.

How to Play and Requirements for Friday Night Funkin PC

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The reason this game has become so popular is solely because of its easy and simple gameplay. New players can access the tutorial to get accustomed to the controls and then defeat a number of opponents each week. 

The title consists of 7 weeks in total, with each week having 2-3 opponents and a wave of new songs. According to the rhythm of the songs playing, the player will have to press the right key at the right moment to keep their health bar from depleting and being added to the opponent’s health. 

Moreover, there’s many difficulties you can try depending on how easy or how hard you find the game. If you click the link above, it’ll redirect you to Friday Night Funkin’s official website where you have the option to download the Friday Funkin Night game or play it online. 

Furthermore, the game runs smoothly on all web browsers and there’s also some mods you can use to further enhance your experience of playing the game. 

The game itself is available on Windows, Linux, OSX and MAC. It is now even available for IOS and Android. 

For those of you who want the full collection of songs played in the game, Newgrounds user Kawaisprite, who composed the entire list of songs, has released the entire 32 song playlist for free via Bandcamp. 

The best thing is that you don’t need an incredibly powerful PC or device to play the game as it supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10. However, you must have Direct X version 10 installed on your PC.

Final Thoughts

All in all, playing the Friday Night Funkin songs game is an excellent way to blow off steam after a hard day’s work. 

It is not overly complicated when it comes to its gameplay or its story and if you’re looking to enjoy yourself in your free time without getting too addicted to the story, this is probably the best option. 

Finally, the game is rated E for everyone, meaning that people of all ages can enjoy the title.

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