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Even with the PlayStation 5 now the primary cash cow for Sony, the PS4 has a bit of juice left in it to stay relevant. For now. Games are still being pumped out to the last gen console, of which, racing is a big niche. Racing stays relevant regardless of how much time may have passed in the gaming universe. New genres, new engines, new hardware, and software come out and turn obsolete but the world of racing keeps on revving.

Because of that very reason, we are here today to list some amazing games that have been ported or made for the PS4. Even if the PS4 is past its glory days, they’re so good that they stand on their own when it comes to ranking, popularity, and mechanics. Fair warning, a good chunk of these demand an internet connection that’ll help drive online multiplayer. Of course, what’s the point of racing if you’re not going to make your mates eat dirt as you drive past them?! 

For this, nothing beats good fiber internet that delivers speed as good as the car you’re driving. Check out AT&T Fiber Internet plans to get the best fiber deals specially geared to make your gaming a breeze. Now, without further ado, let’s go ahead and take a look at racing games for the PS4 that’ll have you pushing the metal in no time.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Longtime PlayStation fans would remember the Burnout franchise as the perfect go-to for stress relief or a much-needed rage session. Burnout wasn’t known as much for the racing as it was known for the metal carnage it wrought. Granted it was a racing game but the true action was in the takedowns players could score on each other or the CPU. 

To make matters more interesting, each takedown gave you experience as well as completed missions. Meaning taking out cars would award you with in-game currency that was valuable to progressing through the ranks.

All this was amplified when players went online and challenged others to duels. Burnout brought the thrill of racing along with the joy of flipping over your opponents, smashing them into stuff, or completely obliterating them by making their car run out of health. The remastered version has come over to the PS4 and brings everything the fans loved, in stunning HD. Smashing cars to smithereens doesn’t get any better. 

Dirt 5

Dirt challenges players over numerous terrain, weather, and vehicles to bring forth a holistic driving experience that ranges from New York all the way to the snowy peaks of Norway. Perhaps the developers of Dirt had had enough of experiencing games that displayed carefully manicured racetracks and chose to introduce something more rugged. Something with less direction and more blood-pumping action. 

Even vehicles cover a wide variety. There are buggies for beach racing or to take over sand dunes, vintage rally cars for old sport motorheads, and monster trucks to wreak havoc right from the start. Dirt nails weather conditions perfectly to add some more spice to racing as players have to consider their vehicle’s terrain functionality as they head into different name locations. 

F1 2021

Given that this might not be the latest installment to the franchise. But it is one worthy of remembrance. F1 2021 is a straightforward game that serves as an ode to Formula 1. There’s a story mode to take advantage of if players are looking to build a career in track or official racing or there’s a freeform single-player mode that can be customized according to the player’s liking. Fair warning though, this game isn’t for beginners. From the start, players are expected to know the basics of F1 racing along with all the technical details in case they have to worry about car maintenance. Which is totally a thing in this game.

Gran Turismo Sport

The name Gran Turismo and PlayStation are said aloud in sync with each other at this point in time. Gran Turismo Sport might not be the latest GT to come out for the console but it certainly is up to date with the latest. Players get access to over 300 cars, each with their own customizations and technicalities, to race with over different locations. Online multiplayer matches are an absolute blast as well. If you get bored anytime soon, which you won’t, GT Sport also has the option of time trials and challenges to entertain yourself with that take place on 80 different tracks. It’s an ever-expanding expanse of racing goodness!


That’s a wrap on our picks for the best racing games available on the PS4 as of yet. All the aforementioned games shine bright in their own respective way and by this time probably have a DLC or two to complement their base game. Check them out on PlayStation’s own website or go grab a trusty disc at your nearest game store. 

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