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PlayStation 4 is the home of the greatest games designed for all ages. Although the majority of these games are geared toward older audiences, there are tons which are intended for kids and kids at heart. So, what are the delightful PS4 games for kids? Focusing on games with plenty of puzzle-solving elements, vibrant visuals, engaging storyline and fun factor for the whole family to experience, we present our list of what we think are the best PS4 games for our young adventurers.

1. Patapon 2 Remastered (2020)

Command your army of cute little warriors by the beat of catchy music. With your drum, you are able to make these adorable black and white eyeball creatures march forward and attack enemies. This vector art-style game with lots of secrets to unlock is one of a kind and you’ll fall in love in no time. Getting into the rhythm has never been this fun and challenging. Charge!

2. LocoRoco Remastered (2017)

You will smile the entire time while playing Loco Roco. This game is about some colorful singing blobs that you have to roll and jump by tilting the entire world using your controller. The goal of the game is literally to have fun—to go get some berries, combine these creatures to create a bigger blob, or disassemble to pass through small paths, and reach the end of the map. It is a fun, great, and at times, surprisingly suspenseful game.

3. Knack 2 (2017)

This fighting game is designed for young audiences. With simple move sets, quite easy puzzles, and entertaining platforming sections, this game is good for children who just wanted to have some fun. You are the character Knack who goes on an adventure by punching, kicking, deflecting projectiles, and changing size. The gameplay is pretty straightforward but what makes it fun is the local multiplayer. The co-op mode is entertaining where you get to create a great two-Knack team with other members of the family.

4. Ratchet & Clank™ (2016)

This cartoonish action platformer and third-shooter video game are a classic. It is actually the remake of the 2002 movie Ratchet & Clank. The story follows a mechanic and a robot who went to stop an evil scientist from destroying the planets throughout the galaxy.  It is high-quality and very enticing to spend the rest of the evening with. Everything seems just about right—great cutscenes, decent storyline and length, memorable characters, and excellent graphics. It is challenging and original as this game added a few segments from the movie including bosses and some whole new sections.

5. Disney Infinity 3.0(2015)

Imagine the excitement of having your favorite characters from your favorite movies complete challenges, explore different worlds, try out unique abilities, and have a lot of campaigns to play through.  From the title itself, this game is about taking control of an infinite number of Disney characters, depending on which figures and play-set you have. With endless potential, this game is unique in its own way.  It is a family-oriented game and probably one of the best video games ever designed for kids.

6. Overcooked! 2 (2018)​​

If you like food and gaming at the same time, then this game is for you. Overcooked is back with a significant improvement to the original game and it is just as brilliant as ever featuring new kitchens, equipment, recipes, mechanics, and great adventures. And it is as chaotic as ever. Indeed, it is a pretty amusing and hilarious game where you get to have fun playing solo or with your friends and family.

7. Tearaway Unfolded (2015)

Remember when we were told about amazing stories in colorful and interactive storybooks? Well, this game made it into a reality. Tearaway Unfolded happened to be created in a world entirely made of imaginative construction paper.

Everything there is magical, beautiful, smooth yet under crisis. And you are called to save this charming world. Tearaway is a great example of gameplay that appeals to all ages. It is straight-up adorable, plain, and simple.

8. Dragon Quest Builders II (2018)

The world is your playground and you must build, build, build in order to save it. This game is a bit weird as it is wonderfully based on the epic Dragon Quest RPG series. Gather a bunch of materials, craft innumerable items and shape everything imaginable. The story and objectives of the game are quite surprising making it a creative building experience for the whole family.

9. Spyro: Reignited Trilogy (2018)

The adventurous purple little dragon once again spreads his wings on PS4. This remaster is no other than an epic cosmetic overhaul. What’s awesome about this game is the remastered music, improved cinematics, and the same old magical gameplay and puzzle for the whole family to enjoy. The trilogy includes the first three games in the series—Spyro the Dragon, Ripto’s Rage, and Year of the Dragon. Generally, this game is great for kids—flying around, breathing fire, and charging through a whole new world.

10. Minecraft: PlayStation Edition (2014)

The power of creation rests in your hands. It is more than just digging and constructing buildings to fend off those annoying zombies. Minecraft is a masterpiece with limitless possibilities.

This game was released on different platforms and spin-offs, but playing it on PS4 is a whole different experience. With the seemingly endless stretch of the horizon, sharper esthetics, smooth gameplay, this version is one of the best games for gamers of all ages. Kids coding is also an important factor in making this a must-play experience all around! Undoubtedly, Minecraft has and always has been a flawless canvas to explore, discover, and enhance the artistic side of gamers making this game one of the timeless classics.

There you have it—our pick for the best PS4 games for our little adventurers. There are lots of games to enjoy and share with the family. May it be a classic or modern game, these games bring fun, excitement, and even chaos to the house. Nonetheless, they bring the family together. And in some way or another, we cannot deny that gaming will and has always been a part of our lives, regardless of age.

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