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Thereโ€™s just something about zombies that make them an irresistible element in several forms of media – movies, TV series, video games, theme park rides, etc. That being said, itโ€™s no surprise that a lot of gamers are on the lookout for PS4 zombie games that will frighten and challenge the wits out of them.

PS4 zombie games are one of the most popular genres as of writing, and whether you call these creatures lamebrains, walkers, creepers, dead ones or freakers – bottom line is, they are eating up the pop culture and sprouting like mushrooms everywhere. PS4 zombie games just give an exquisite twist to video games and thereโ€™s something very appealing and challenging in trying to survive or escape from the wrath of these โ€œwalking deadโ€ creatures. Below are 6 of the best PS4 zombie games that might give you an extra dose of palpitations:

The Last Of Usโ€‹ 2 (2020)

This PS4 zombie game never seems to fail to make it to the highly recommended list because its storyline is arguably one of the most realistic among all the games released for PlayStation. The Last of Us takes on a grounded approach with its zombie apocalypse plot, where a virus tagged as Cordyceps has decimated the majority of the population.

The protagonists of this PS4 zombie game are Joel and Ellie and combined with tense moments and heart-wrenching scenes, this game is an impressive mix of stealth, action, and awesome storytelling.

Days Goneโ€‹ (2019)โ€‹

Days Gone may be a newbie in the PS4 zombie games Hall of Fame but itโ€™s definitely a strong contender. In this PS4 zombie game, players find themselves in the shoes of the protagonist named Deacon, a biker who is a survivor of a zombie apocalypse.ย 

Itโ€™s worth noting that this game does not refer to zombies as, well, zombies, but instead, they call these creatures as freakers. Well, technically, the freakers or zombies in Days Gone are not really dead; theyโ€™re actually still alive but have contracted a devastating virus that makes them hungry for flesh. This PS4 zombie game is an open-world adventure with a 30-hour narrative to keep up with. There are a lot of zombie games out there but Days Gone is one heck of a zombie game that will pit players against so many at once, which makes the gaming experience more fun and freaky.

Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Resident Evil franchise is already a household name when it comes to zombie or survival games. However, the 2019 remake of Resident Evil2 is more than just rising up against PS4 zombie games. Players find themselves battling their way through Raccoon City Police Department while facing grotesque zombies and a host of other characters as they go along.

In Resident Evil 2, the zombies share the spotlight with other freaky enemies, including Mr. X. This PS4 zombie game is a perfect mix of tense and terrifying, making it all the more exciting and challenging.

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition (2010)

From the name of the game itself, itโ€™s quite obvious what the gameโ€™s all about, right? Well, on the surface, it may just seem like one of the many PS4 zombie games, but this game developed by Housemarque proves that itโ€™s an oldie but a goodie.

Since it was released nine years ago, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition may be considered a classic PS4 zombie game. The storyline of the game starts off with a simple trip to gather some supplies but brilliantly transitions into an epic journey to save humanity. With its full-on gun-toting madness that puts players in the shoes of an apocalypse survivor, this PS4 zombie game is not hard to get addicted to.

World War Z (2019)

World War Z takes a multiplayer approach to the zombie apocalypse genre. Players can form a team of up to three players and they need to hustle their way through different levels, fighting and killing zombies along the way.

Players who are familiar with PS4 zombie games, Left 4 Dead and Days Gone, will have an upper hand in knowing what to expect in World War Z because the game follows the same formula with just a little bit of extra zombies and modern, cleaner visuals. Donโ€™t be too complacent with World War Zโ€™s game formula though, because the creepers in the game are wired to move fast. Be prepared to move fast and fire a lot of shots to stay alive in the game.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War (2020)

Many players would agree that the Zombie Army Trilogy was one for the books. However, its latest addition, Zombie Army 4: Dead War, is better and offers dramatically improved gameplay.ย 

While thereโ€™s still the usual fighting and killing off zombies as players make their way through the series of levels, Zombie Army 4: Dead War offers more variety in terms of action and game environments; just think of the game as a zombie rollercoaster ride.

This PS4 zombie game that can be played in online co-op mode or solo can be quite lengthy, but players are still likely to play it again and again because there are so many interesting ways and strategies to take on the game.

Telltaleโ€™s The Walking Dead (2012)

This popular PS4 zombie game is based on the comic of the same title that birthed the successful TV series. However, the game is considered to be a narrative-driven experience, with a slow-paced plot exploring the relationships of the survivors, specifically on a young girl named Clemetine.

Unlike other hardcore PS4 zombie games that will have players drowning or suffocating over hordes of zombies attacking them, Telltaleโ€™s The Walking Dead is more mellow but players can still expect moments of wrangling with zombies.

That wraps up our list of the 7 best PS4 zombie games. Is your favorite PS4 zombie game included in the list? If not, share it with us in the comments!

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