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The PS5 is a top-rated gaming system that offers next-generation gaming. The sleek design and 4K graphics make the PS5 a big upgrade from the PS4. When the system was first released, it was hard to find due to the quick purchases of gamers. Many players just now got their hands on the system and want to try various games to see what the console can do. Below, we highlight the best PS5 games you can play, with perfect options for beginners and seasoned gamers. 

A great title to start with on your PS5 is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This game brings Peter Parker and Miles Morales together in a new adventure within the franchise. Use the new Web Wings feature to travel across New York, switching between Morales and Parker. The game offers a unique way to use superpowers and experience different stories between the two characters. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Venom is on the loose and ready to destroy the city, the Spidermen, and those they love if he is not stopped. The game showcases the capabilities of the PS5 by offering a dedicated high-frame-rate mode for amazing resolution and the ability for players to traverse at high speed without loading. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Needing no introduction, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is a tactical shooter game that has developed a following with the franchise. The game is extremely popular, with players scooping up new titles as soon as they are released. The game is so popular that online casino software developers have created slot machines based on the theme. Casino games based on Call of Duty can easily be found, allowing gamers to spin the reels of slots with their favorite weapons and characters from the PlayStation game. 

In this version, players can access a single-player campaign, online multiplier, and a Zombies cooperative mode. The PS5 offers responsive weapon triggers via the quality controller plus boots-on-the-ground haptic feedback. The stunning visuals bring the first-person shooter game to life on the television screen. 

Balder’s Gate 3

Balder’s Gate 3 is a nice pick if you are more into fantasy games. The game is based in the Dungeons and Dragons universe and offers an incredible fantasy RPG with breathtaking visuals. The narrative is masterfully designed with a huge cast of characters and world interaction. The game includes immersive haptic feedback, and the quality visuals will leave you amazed as you play and explore various worlds within the game. 

The Last of Us 

Unless you have been living under a rock or have never played video games in your life, you have heard of The Last of Us. Part I is an amazing tale of emotion and relationships as you traverse in a civilization that has been ravaged by an infection. Follow Joel as he is hired to bring 14-year-old Ellie out of a military quarantine zone so she can help save the world. The small job ends up being a brutal mission across the country, with dangerous interactions along the way. 

The PS5 game includes a dedicated high-frame-rate mode, more immersive soundscapes, and a unique feel for each weapon. The immersive element of this game truly makes it a top pick to see exactly what the PlayStation 5 is capable of as a next-gen operating system. 

Street Fighter 6

Go old school with a new school vibe by playing Street Fighter 6. Create your own character or play as your favorites with this unique version of the classic fighting game. The series is quite popular among gamers and continues to be enjoyed today. Street Fighter 6 utilizes the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 to offer sharp visuals and quality performance, perfect for new players and fans of the franchise. The title includes faster loading times for quick play. 

Gold of War Ragnarök

This sequel to the 2018 God of War is one that players should not miss out on. The game includes Kratos and Atreus, and you can play as both characters as you explore the Nine Realms of Norse mythology. Battle the Gods themselves and meet a whole new cast of characters in this game. The title includes spatial 3D audio to enhance the audio experience, high-impact haptic feedback, and multiple high frame rate modes.

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