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It’s been a year since the Xbox One X and PS5 hit the market. Each console has its own characteristics, as well as advantages and disadvantages. However, it has not yet been clearly defined which is better. In this article, we will review the Xbox One X and PS5 to make your choice easier.

Xbox One X: Key Features

Xbox One X is Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console and is an improved version of the Xbox One. The key features of the model include support for native 4K expansion with HDR, which makes images contrast, bright, and realistic. The device is characterized by the highest performance, the best graphics adapter, and increased RAM.

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PS5 General Characteristics 

PS5 is a game console from the Japanese company Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is part of the PlayStation family of video game consoles and the successor to the PlayStation 4. The PS5 hardware is characterized by a fast SSD, beautiful graphical effects, full 4K support, and the potential for even higher resolutions and frame rates in the future.

Xbox One X vs PS5 Console Comparing

Each of the considered game consoles has certain advantages. To select the best one, it is necessary to conduct a detailed comparative analysis.


Both consoles are endowed with a stylish and concise design, which allows them to successfully fit into any interior. However, the Xbox One X (301 Χ 151 Χ 151 mm) is considered to be a more compact variant in terms of dimensions than the PS5 (390 Χ 104 Χ 260 mm with a floppy drive and 390 Χ 92 Χ 260 mm without a floppy drive).

At the same time, the ps5 advantage is that it is much more convenient to place it in front of the TV. The external cooling system of the console consists of ventilators located on the sides and at the back. Accordingly, the radiator can fully operate when the console is installed both in a vertical and horizontal position.

Xbox One X must be installed vertically. It takes air from below, passes it through the body, and throws it up. The console should not be placed on narrow shelves and under the TV, so as not to impede cooling.


PS5 and Xbox One X use very similar chips based on Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architectures. Both consoles have their own ultra-fast I/O architecture and advanced SSDs. The PS5 features a slightly faster drive. The Xbox One X processor runs at a slightly higher frequency. The PS5 graphics chip has only 36 processing cores compared to the 52 cores of the Xbox One X, but they are larger.

Input Devices

HDMI 2.1 is the main connector for both consoles. It is used to connect to a TV. Consoles have 3 USB Type-A 3.1 ports, but PS5 is additionally endowed with 1 USB Type-C.

The consoles are also equipped with an Ethernet network adapter for connecting to a computer and a Wi-Fi module for connecting to other home network devices. PS5 supports Wi-Fi 6 technology, while Xbox One X supports Wi-Fi 5. Therefore, Sony provides a more stable connection and high data transfer speed.


Among the xbox benefits is that it offers games of different genres: arcade, racing, and simulators. The Microsoft console can reproduce even 4K games. This high resolution guarantees a detailed and rich picture on a large TV screen. A powerful AMD processor and an impressive amount of 8 GB of RAM allow gamers to enjoy entertainment without errors at startup. 

The list of games for PS5 continues to grow every day, opening to the user even more features of the radically new platform and its capabilities. The distinct advantages of PS5 games are as follows:

  • Game content in enhanced image quality;
  • Transitions between actions in the game take place in a matter of seconds;
  • 3-D sound system;
  • Many games with multiplayer modes.


The average cost of an Xbox One X is $598.00. The PS5 costs approximately $499.99.

Concluding Remarks

At this stage, it is impossible to give preference to any one model: Xbox One X or PS5. Each of them is superior to its competitor in some way. Choose based on the characteristics that are most important to you. After buying the console, do not forget to install a VPN for gaming. VeePN will protect you and allow you to get the most out of your game!

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