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Gold is an integral part of the World of Warcraft economy and a resource that will never be enough for a comfortable game, so you need to increase the number of actions that will help you earn money and develop your character in the field of usefulness to others in order to earn money by interacting with other players.

In order to comfortably engage in all the proposed activities from the list below, it is advisable for you to get the maximum level 70 to upgrade Dragonflight.

This can be done by exploring the Dragon Islands and going through the entire story campaign and hunting dragons, centaurs, half-giants, gnolls and other monsters.

Or, you can simply order a World of Warcraft boost from professional players and get a ready-made character of the maximum level in a few hours, with the ability to track progress in real time on the site.

How to increase your income in World of Warcraft

  1. Master gathering professions
  2. Go fishing
  3. Cooking
  4. Craft
  5. Orders

Master the gathering professions

Since the Dragonflight update, professions have taken on new meaning. If earlier many players simply ignored this part of the content because of the opportunity to get most types of equipment in an easier way, now the craft will be able to bring much more gold, although it will become more competitive.

Gathering professions serve as an aid to the craft, since the production of finished goods requires a lot of materials and a recipe. This means that you may not even be an artisan, but by regularly collecting materials from two types of profession, you can get good gold, but earnings will come from the volume of supplies – this must be taken into account.

What collection professions are available to you:

  • Skinning – take a knife and hunt animals with valuable fur for subsequent skinning after the kill. Needed for the production of leather and pumping the leatherworking profession.
  • Collecting herbs – collect all the vegetation, herbs and flowers that will come across on your way. Useful in alchemy, first aid, or for sale to other artisans.
  • Mining – find rocks and mine ores and gems with a pickaxe. Ore will be smelted into ingots, or sold. Gems are needed for jewelry making and can be traded to costume jewelry makers for extra gold.

Go fishing

Fishing carries several types of activities at once in the World of Warcraft – it is both income and entertainment and a profession at the same time, it all depends on the player’s expectations and goals.

To make money on fishing – go to the reservoirs and catch fish, you will need a fishing rod – you will get the rest in the process.

Each time you will increase your fishing skill, and when the progress becomes less significant, you need to change the place to fish. You will come across three types of river prey – common or rare fish and special fish.

Common and rare are needed for cooking and affect the quality of the recipe and the final parameter of the dish. Special fish is needed for the craft of inscription, as it is used for grinding into reagents. All types of catch can be sold and earn good gold and at the same time having a rest – if you are a fan of fishing. Of course, special fish will cost more, especially if you come across a rare specimen.

Periodically, you will catch bait – it increases the chance of catching high quality fish and is consumed regardless of the success of fishing.


Cooking is also an important social activity, helping characters gain strong stat boosts through eating food and paying for services.

Also, cooking is considered an optional profession and therefore does not occupy an important slot and can be learned by everyone. The profession is highly dependent on fishing, since it is the fish that serves as a source of fast leveling and opening up the possibility of preparing feasts for a large group of players and increasing the ability to create truly unique dishes that will increase the characteristics for a longer amount of time and earn gold from it.


Crafting professions are a key source of gold, but in order to succeed in the crafting profession, you need to have a leveled gathering profession to provide yourself with all the necessary materials and create items regularly. If not for sale, then for a quick leveling of skills and access to the possibility of really valuable items.

Types of creating professions:

Blacksmithing – Creates weapons and armor from metals, as well as tools for other crafters. Combines with mining.

Jewelcrafting – Creates unique jewelry with increased stats and reinforced weapon gem sockets.

Leatherworking – Uses leather to create light armor and related equipment, including for crafters. Combines with skinning.

Tailoring is the creation of magic and other rag armor for casters.

Alchemy – allows you to create various attacking and regenerating potions for the use of characters. Combines with gathering herbs and plants.

Inscription – allows you to draw symbols and create recipes for the future production of weapons and the use of reagents. Pairs well with fishing and most weapon crafting professions.

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