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Last Cloudia Best Characters Ranked 2024 Tier List

Amongst the sea of hero auto-battler idle games that are present in the market today, the title Last Cloudia stands out from the competition with its beautiful 2D character sprites mixed with 3D backgrounds with a hint of retro touch from previous JPRGs of the past decades such as Final Fantasy.

Additionally, the game is well known for its ton of collabs, such as its collab with Devil May Cry 5 and Street Fighter, bringing in limited special characters that you can hopefully summon and be part of your team’s roster.

Last Cloudia Character Tier List: What You Need To Know

last cloudia tier list


Speaking of characters, the community has created a player feedback-driven tier list comprising six tiers, ranging from S+ to D tiers. The S+ tier characters consist of the best of the best characters, who can easily swipe the floor against monsters and enemies without breaking a sweat. Meanwhile, D-tier characters are the worst of the bunch, the ones that you’d want to avoid using at all costs.

  • S+ Tier: Heroes that have the best in all stats alongside abilities that can certainly change the tide of battles they are participating in.
  • S-Tier: Reliable and useful heroes with slightly lowered stats and abilities, they can still provide a world of pain to your opponents when used correctly.
  • A-Tier: Although lacking the power that heroes above this tier have, A-Tier heroes are still useful for your team, especially if you don’t have a lot of S-Tier and S+ Tier heroes. 
  • B-Tier: The middle tier of the list, heroes tiered at this ranking is considered as the jack of all trades, master of none as they have some notable yet manageable weaknesses.
  • C-Tier: Basically “budget” heroes that you can use at the beginning of your playthrough and on easier levels, but should be immediately replaced once higher-tiered heroes become part of your arsenal.
  • D-Tier: The weakest link of the bunch. Despite some of them having useful skills or abilities, their terrible stats become their huge liability in the long run.
last cloudia character tier list


However, do take note that there are other kinds of tier lists created by the community, such as story relevance/power, physical/magic damage, etc. We are using the overall stats tier list, which is commonly related to the letter-ranking tiers, as we have mentioned above (i.e. S+ to D-tier).

S+ Tier: Best of the Best

Starting with the best tier, below are the heroes that you can choose from:

Last cloudia - Rabbala

Advocate of God, Rabbala

Last Cloudia - Alice

Cyberslayer Alice

Last Cloudia - Dante


Holy Knight RuutoKnight Lord Kyle
Lougseus, God of RuinNero
RemSea Rover Maddine
Spirit Maiden TheriaSwordmagineer Lilebette
Thunderbolt SeviaV

S-Tier: Still Packing Quite The Punch

A good alternative if you don’t have a lot of S+ Tier characters, below are the best in this ranking:

Last cloudia - Lily

Advocate of God Lily

Last Cloudia - Beyland

Blademaster Beyland

Last Cloudia - Goroth

Goroth the Insatiable

Tinkili the DivaTsukasa Shishio
Rimuru TempestBlazeblade Shin

A-Tier: Above Average, That Can Still Carry Victories

If you are lacking in both S+ and S-Tier heroes, then choosing several A-Tier heroes will cover you for a while. Below are some of the useful heroes in this ranking:

Last Cloudia - Yashamaru


Last cloudia best characters

Advocate of God Zouglas

Last Cloudia - Lagrobos

Lagrobos the Wise

RandiZleorg the Heathen
Nero, the Young KnightLeona
Heroic Lord RolandSenku Ishigami
Gorm CrystaliaGranadas 

B-Tier: Just Plain Middle

The “Jack of All Trades, Master of None,” this is where B-Tier heroes are at in the rankings. Though quite useful in the early parts of your account’s progression, they still have weaknesses that you need to be aware of.


Gallant Flame Vaughn

Genius Archer Phal

Ice Emperor SeiliosIce General Zekus
Killer Ice Princess SeviaLeena the Warlock
PopoiSteel Wall Maddine
GA LukielThouzer
Alice Type-SMikasa

C-Tier and D-Tier: The Former Is Good For Beginners, While The Latter Is Just Plain Bad

Combining the last two ranks here, the C-Tier heroes are notably good for beginners and that’s it. Meanwhile, the D-Tier heroes are the ones that you should immediately replace with more capable heroes unless you’re purposely making the game difficult for you.


Claire and Dahlgion


Regnant of Fire, Eliza

Lilebetter of the BlazeLukiel
PrimmPrince Gorm
SahaginSaintly Theria


Blood Rose

Dyne of the Three Stages

King of Destruction, Luger

Magic Beast ReiPhantom
SkeletonRomel the War God
PokkleMaster Thief Robin

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, this is only meant to serve as a guide on building your preferred team to take on the challenges within Last Cloudia’s story. Mix and match, experiment, and see what’s best for you as you play the game.

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