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Good news for PC games who have been waiting for a chance to get one of the Nvidia Graphics Cards that is in-demand today.

Incoming Supplies for 2022

Last year was terrible for PC gamers as that year showed huge issues with Nvidia graphics cards – specifically, the available stock of those cards for the consumer market and the way it was distributed to stores and franchise locations selling those, according to PC Gamer.

Credits: Nvidia

Due to the global pandemic that affected the production of materials for graphic cards in late 2020 to early 2021, many gamers were left hanging when it came to securing the latest card by that time: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080. Market demand for this particular card was extremely high, not only for its powerful graphics-handling capabilities but also it’s handling of… cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency Is To Blame for Shortage?

Although not entirely their fault, the further booming of cryptocurrency mining during the COVID-19 lockdowns certainly didn’t help when it comes to the issue with stock shortages of most graphics cards in the market, especially the RTX 30-series of Nvidia.

Credits: Paxful

To curb their desperation of getting into the cryptocurrency mining mania, some have even dusted off the dirt and mold of old stocks of the GTX 1060 (GP106 GPU model) mentioned by Tom’s Guide article about the issue of card shortages last 2021. However, as previously mentioned, it isn’t the mining boom to solely blame for the shortage, as there was another culprit for it.

Scalpers Here, Scalpers There, Scalpers Everywhere!

Another problem that both gamers and non-gamers (consumers) alike faced when getting a new gadget that is in demand was the scalpers and their bots. These online criminal-wannabes abuses the online platform for buying items online by implementing “bots”, a type of malware that they can program via hacking for their mischievous deeds.

Credits: eTeknix

No thanks to them that in 2020 alone, they have ruined the holiday spirits of many gamers worldwide during the release of the highly-anticipated PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S. Many in the buying public were unable to secure either console during the 2020 holiday season as they will encounter stock shortages in most retailers and shops.

Disappointment came when overpriced listings of both consoles started to pop up in many online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay from scalpers, and now history is starting to repeat itself when it comes to graphics card supplies. However, Nvidia EVP and CFO Colette Kress would like to say otherwise about the said issue.

New Hope for Gamers As Stocks Will Be Increased

Gamers in 2022 will have a positive thing to look forward to when it comes to Nvidia graphics cards stock availability, as Colette Kress said in an interview that they are working with their supply chain partners in order to combat the issue. Kress added that Nvidia as a company is confident their 2022 stock supply will be sufficient enough for the ever-increasing demand from the market today.

Even though that statement was released, many companies are still reluctant to believe the shortage crisis is over for this year, but still, keep an optimistic view about it even if there was only a 10% improvement report on the availability of those cards.

Many are hoping that Kress and her company’s statement will hold true this 2022, as demands for computer-related stuff (including the graphics cards) will surely continue rising this year.

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