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Looking for something to take you out of this world and into a new one? Perhaps a little getaway or new shoes to experience? Well, we’ve got a list of simulation games just for you. If you’re an Xbox gamer, here are some of the best simulation games you can find on the Xbox right now! 

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1. Next Space Rebels

Ever imagined how life would be if you successfully built a rocket in your backyard and somehow got to space? Next Space Rebels brings that wild dream to life. In the game, your rocket-building venture starts off as a hobby where you collect scraps, complete challenges and film videos of your process. This then evolves into something so much more.

You’ll somehow end up with a wildly successful YouTube channel and perhaps a chance at finally getting to the moon. Space here we come!

2. The Sims 4

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the Sims, and the best version would be the Sims 4 with all its expansions and extra stuff packs. You can create a whole other life in the Sims, and experience situations you normally can’t.

An example would be interacting with vampires or becoming a full-blown werewolf yourself. If you’ve ever dreamed of being wildly successful in a certain career aspect, you can even challenge yourself to that. The Sims 4 is just an extension of what we wish we could have or do but never got the chance to in real life.

3. Surgeon Simulator 2

Being in charge of someone else’s life is a terrifying experience, and it is not a job for the faint of heart. But Surgeon Simulator changes that. You don’t have to feel the guilt or fear of your patients losing their lives as it’s just a game. No lives will be lost in reality.

Surgeon Simulator 2 allows you to control more than just the surgeon’s hands, and there’s a story mode for you to get into as well. More surgical theatres are open to you and Bob’s life is once more in your hands. This game is more lighthearted and wacky than serious, so have fun!

4. theHunter: Call of the Wild

A great option for those who would like to try out hunting or miss going out on hunts. theHunter: Call of the Wild is an immersive hunting experience where you get placed into the great outdoors to stalk your prey. There are a wide variety of creatures for you to study and hunt down as well.

This game provides a challenge and would require a ton of patience as you have to understand each animal’s pattern and behaviour in order to successfully capture them. You can’t go in guns blazing and hope to catch something, that’s for sure. At the end of the day, a successful hunt would bring so much more satisfaction as you worked hard for it.

5. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Arguably the best simulation game out there, Microsoft Flight Simulator simulates flying an aircraft over realistic maps, airports and countries. For those who would love to travel and see the world but for one reason or another could not, this simulator is a holy grail.

This simulator has been around for ages, but the latest update to it makes it the best experience yet. Microsoft Flight Simulator is great for aviation enthusiasts who would like to explore the aviation world and perhaps one day fly their own plane as well.

6. PowerWash Simulator

Cleaning has always been a known guilty pleasure for a lot of people, as it gives off a satisfying feeling to see something get cleaned so well. Just blasting away dirt to reveal a sparkling surface underneath in PowerWash Simulator easily scratches an itch in our brains.

The concept of the game is pretty simple, you are given a pressure washer and let loose onto multiple levels with different dirty objects or situations to clean. The concept may be easy but that doesn’t mean that the game itself has zero challenges. You would need to crawl around to get to hard-to-reach spots and figure out the best equipment in order to successfully clean the objects before you.

7. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Don’t take things too seriously with Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. The game’s physics are out of whack and its character models are wonky, designed to make you laugh. If anything, it is a parody of real-time strategy games where you get to simulate war and real-time battle.

In Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, you get to set two warring parties up for battle and watch them fight each other from a distance. It’s all fun and games, not intended for any seriousness, that’s for sure.

8. Planet Coaster

If you’ve ever been to an amusement park and wondered how those glorious rides and layout of the park were planned out and made, well, we’ve got the game for you. Planet Coaster allows you to plan out your own theme park, and even ride your own creations when you’re done.

It can be challenging to create a world-class theme park that would attract people of all ages globally, and Planet Coaster is a great example of that.

9. Cooking Simulator

Practice your cooking skills with Cooking Simulator! Slice, dice and simmer your way into becoming a renowned chef in this realistic kitchen setup. It’s definitely more in-depth than your usual cooking game as you would need to measure and weigh out ingredients properly to achieve perfection.

All this while your customers await their food in hunger and anticipation. But if you’d rather throw all decorum out the window, you can easily throw a tantrum and break plates or start fires for the hell of it. The kitchen can be your heaven or your hell in this gem.

10. Two Point Campus

We’ve got Two Point Hospital, and now we have Two Point Campus! This is more of a management simulator as you attempt to create and manage a university campus of your own. Make sure to be mindful of your student’s welfare and studies as they take part in activities and classes on your campus.

All sorts of aspects come into play when managing a campus, so make sure to plan and strategise it well or you’ll lose all your students and go bankrupt. Each student will have different needs and have different preferences so you will have to adjust accordingly. Good luck!

There you have it! 10 of the best simulation games you can get on Xbox consoles. May you have fun living more lives than one with the variety available on this list. Do let us know of any other simulation games that you enjoy playing in the comment section below!

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