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Today, more than ever, online games are considered to be one of the best forms of entertainment. Xbox co-op games on split screen are of course, best enjoyed with a buddy, and thereโ€™s just that irreplaceable feeling of finishing a stealth mission, gunning down bosses, or surviving a throng of zombies with your buddy.

Below are the 5 Best Co-op Games for Xbox One (in no particular order)ย  with a split screen that you and your buddies can enjoy.

A Way Outโ€‹ (2018)

If youโ€™re looking for an Xbox One co-op game that makes it hard to keep your eyes away from the screen, this game is perfect for you. A Way Out is a 3rd person co-op adventure game that requires two players to play in a split-screen co-op setup. It combines a great narrative with gameplay that keeps the players deeply immersed in the game. 

There are two protagonists in the game, Leo and Vincent, and you get to play their characters, finding your way out of prison together in a reluctant alliance. As the game progresses, the plot develops and players get to figure out the motivation of the character as they decide on the given choices laid out for the two leads.ย 

Developed and Published by Hazelight Studios and EA respectively, A Way Out also requires genuine coordination and alliance between the two players together with a strong story which makes it a refreshing combination of exploration, action, and stealth, considered to be a fresh approach to split-screen Xbox One co-op games. Another great feature of A Way Out is that it can be enjoyed offline or online with a friend. If you purchase the game, a friend gets to enjoy a free online co-op trial so you can instantly play together.

Gears of War 4โ€‹ (2016)

If youโ€™re into Xbox One co-op games that have major futuristic vibes, Gears of War 4, developed by The Coalition, is definitely for you.  With futuristic weapons and matching futuristic battlegrounds, Gears of War 4 lets players decimate enemies with exciting combat moves and breathtaking visuals. 

Basically, this 3rd person shooter Xbox-One co-op game lets you team up with a buddy and travel to strange planets to combat aliens and help save humanity. With a wide selection of guns to kill enemies in different, creative ways, this game falls far from boring. Aside from the Xbox One split screen option, Gears of War 4 also provides an online or LAN option so you and your friends can have more options to enjoy the fame. The online Co-op can accommodate up to 5 players while the Offline Co-op can accommodate up to 2 players.

Borderlands: the handsome collection (2015)

This first-person shooter, action RPG game developed by Gearbox Software gives you two games in one – Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. The fun storyline and cartoonish graphics make this game stand out from the numerous Xbox One games out on the market.

Published by 2K Games, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection gives Handsome Jack a major role. Players help him in one setting while also needing to defeat him in another. What makes Borderland a perfect Xbox One co-op game is that it has weapons that have classes and the enemies have respective weapon type vulnerabilities that can be picked from four different skill trees.

Because of the above-mentioned game dynamic, playing with your buddies to kill off hordes and bosses in Borderlands’ open world is fun and exciting. Plus, donโ€™t forget that the main story is boosted with side missions that keep the excitement and novelty very much alive.ย 

Another great feature of this Xbox One co-op game is that it can accommodate up to a four-player split screen so no one gets left behind. The gang can hop on one couch and slay enemies with hundreds of available weapons.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection (2014)

This first-person shooter collection brings in the nostalgic Halo Combat Evolved, Halo 2, 3, and 4 to Xbox, but this time, with a split-screen multiplayer feature. The game previously had some issues but thankfully, it is now considered to be one of the best Xbox One co-op games.ย 

With its revamped graphics for the older games, Halo: The Master Chief Collection looks better than ever. Published by Xbox Game Studios, Halo brings you and your friends together to figure out a deep secret behind a set of rings created by an alien species.  

The split screen can accommodate up to two players and you can switch from any mission anytime in Halo Combat Evolved to Halo 4 with your friend. You can also check the list of all Halo games in order.

Lego: Marvel Superheroes 2 (2017)

Lego has been producing solid, top-rating games based on the most popular and biggest franchise for the later part of the decade. With the culmination of the ten-year narrative of the Avengers: Endgame, the fandom for the franchise is at an all-time high. When Lego and Marvel team up together, you can just imagine the hype that it creates.

This Xbox One co-op game is, as expected, a Lego-themed action-adventure game. It is considered to be a dazzling recreation of the Guardians of the Galaxy storyline as players swoop into action to defend the enemies. The game also focuses on standout, iconic comic characters like Black Panther and Captain Marvel. Lego: Marvel Superheroes gives players numerous open-world missions like follow quests, fetch quests, and the occasional โ€œfire at these guys until they stop spawningโ€ quest. On rare occasions, players might also come across a race quest or discover hidden characters and well-written quest logs.

Did your favorite game make it to the list? Or do you have another game in mind that youโ€™d like to be on the list? Share your favorite Xbox One Co-op game with us in the comments below!

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